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You Can’t Catch Me

The street rods at the auto show really looked like they could leave any other vehicle in the dust… well maybe not some of those exotic speedsters like the Lambo’s and Maserati’s that were there but pretty much everything else. … Continue reading

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Still asking for the Grey Poupon

Here we have the 1949 Rolls Royce and 1937 Bentley in color – which considering their color scheme is still almost monochromatic – but oh that silver and chrome is gorgeous and very shiny from the efforts of their respective … Continue reading

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Don’t bother knocking…

You know the rest of this saying and if you don’t, well, Google!  One day during my daily walk to the beach and pier I saw this line of vintage (when does something become vintage as compared to old by … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel I’m the only cab on the road…

And at 6 in the morning on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland,  I believe he may have been. The traditional black taxis aren’t just black anymore but they are still very much out there  like this fellow here. There … Continue reading

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Mustang at High Street and Vine

Downtown Columbus, Ohio with me stopping (briefly) in the middle of the street. Teri  📷

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1978 Jeep Electruck

It had a cruising speed of 33-40 mph and a range of 29 miles.  While these are no longer in use (I think) the USPS is looking into bringing the concept back… but why? Teri  📷  

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Off to the races

In a Toyota Camry driven by Nascar driver, Martin Truex, in 2017 And a 1930 Oakland (replicated original) Indy racer car.  The very first V8 powered car to enter the Indy 500.    

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Keep on truckin’

Something new at the car show this year was an entire section of the convention center floor dedicated to test driving vehicles from these trucks to a group of electric cars.  The trucks here were the most popular vehicles people … Continue reading

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Columbus International Auto Show

Our first car show of the year was held a couple of weeks ago at the convention center downtown and while it was bigger than in past years due to the expansion of the floor space, I’ve come to the … Continue reading

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1967 Ford M151A1 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck)

In 1951 the Ford Motor Company was awarded the contract to develop new 1/4 ton 4×4 trucks to replace the old M38 series of Jeeps.  They first saw service in the U.S. Army in 1960 with production ceasing in 1982. … Continue reading

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