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Nana strikes again!

The six of us (me, son, daughter in law, grandson #1, granddaughter and grandson #2) went to Denny’s for breakfast because someone was seriously craving some sausage, eggs and pancakes.  That person shall remain nameless but I bet you can guess who 😉  We hunkered into the big semi-circle booth and placed our orders.  That day I taught grandson #1 the joy (and yumminess) of putting an over easy egg on top of some hash browns and digging in to get a bite of both – he is now converted!

But as the little one lay there quietly sleeping I was seized by the urge to photograph his sweet innocence in some mischievous ways.  One day when he is older and sees these he will laugh…or not.

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What are you drinking?

These photos were taken with my mobile phone after having a nice dinner and some drinks at the Bar Harbor Beerworks on Main Street.  The duck confit tacos I had were amazing (yes I know, not your classic taco but I was enjoying them so much a table next to us asked what I was eating and proceeded to order the same) but the blueberry soda was too too sweet for me.  It was like drinking a melted Popsicle.

Now at another drinking establishment a few doors down there was this “scientific” sign which answers a question not sure that was asked 🙂  Be careful out there today if celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  Those green drinks can get to you if you aren’t careful.

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I’ll have a vanilla malt with a cherry on top


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Good Eats and Making Progress

Some advances have been made with the “to do” list such as the outside decorations are all packed away now and the tree has only 1/3 of the ornaments left on it.  I finally uploaded some photos I took last week but before I could really do any editing a storm came through and we were without power for a few hours.  Fortunately I had just started the browning of some beef for chili when this happened so at least I had a tiny bit of heat and was able to make dinner in the dark (well, I did have a flashlight) as well as boil water for some hot tea to drink.  I learned how spoiled I had become from having hot water fast with the electric kettle after having to wait for water to boil in a pot on the stove top.  Slow….

So mentioning eating, last week we went to eat here and I was one happy Memphis style rib eating customer as was DH.  In spite of the name of the one sauce, it really wasn’t that hot.  A bit of a tingle but not very devilish.  But they had me at the big mason jar of freshly squeezed lemonade and the homemade BBQ potato chips.





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Upstairs For…

Lunch with a view.  After not being in the mood to stand in line outside to get into a couple of other restaurants in Santa Fe, we rounded a corner and saw the sign for this place; the San Francisco Street Bar and Grill.  We found it was a good choice and after climbing the steps we were treated to some very good – and substantial – salads and margaritas.  Plus, there was this view.  Imagine sitting at your table enjoying your meal as someone across the street from you is doing the same… interesting.



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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m still floating on a Nana high over my precious little turkey nugget. His big brother is a champ at holding and feeding him but his big sister – well – she hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet and would rather play on her phone.  Kids!  But while I forgot an ingredient or two for the dressing (it got doctored on after I realized my mistake and there will be no revolts) I made whole berry cranberry sauce for the first time and it turned out quite spiffy and incredibly easy if I say so myself.  No more canned for us 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving and happy Thursday to you all.


In all things give thanks….  1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Chile Ristras


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