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Happy and Melancholy

This weekend has been very busy around Casa de Dashfield.  DH celebrated another trip around the sun which we celebrated by taking him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant and surprising him with a birthday cake – and no fire trucks had to be summoned to extinguish the flames from the candles 🙂  I think I had more of a headache from eating too much sweets (which I normally don’t do) than from the martini when celebrating with DH.Then there was his mom’s birthday and daylight savings times has everyone looking at their clocks and watches wondering if they reset themselves or what.

Those moments and the fact that next week I will be back home visiting the now almost four month old were the happy times.  While I thought I had gotten used to it, today started off with some melancholy as it is my mother’s birthday.  She has been gone now for six years but every once in awhile I feel the loss.  Circle of life and all that stuff… sigh.   I will be back tomorrow with a return to our trip last September that took us to Maine.

Cya tomorrow 🙂


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Change is a Coming

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures while still warm are giving us a few more cooler days than before and with today being Labor Day, that means the unofficial end of Summer.  Many students have returned to school and those who haven’t bemoan this day as being the signal that they are going back too.  Stores have had harvest and pumpkin things out to buy since the end of August and pumpkin spice almost everything has come back…for those who like that.

I’m not quite ready to let go of summer time but I have always loved the foods, colors and temperatures of autumn.  September marks the beginning of things changing for me with projects, travel plans and a very special baby shower for a very special baby on the way.  I think it’s also time for me to take some time for myself before I have to go flat out again.  Yesterday DH and I went for a walk along the Olentangy River and besides my allergies making me pay for it later, it was so nice.

We saw families with their children playing in the river (very low right now; I’d say about a foot if that much) collecting rocks and shells and skipping stones in the water.  DH and I tried our hand at skipping stones and let’s just say one of us won the contest 😉  We took a path that led us up a dry stream, creek. whatever you want to call it that fed into the river and found this bed of beautiful slate pieces and stones.  I took a couple home to eventually decorate or just put in my flower box.

Yesterday made me realize that sometimes all you need is to just be together playing in the river and skipping stones to be happy.  Have a Happy Labor Day everyone 🙂


Creek Rocks 942016 copy

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Goodnight Sweet Prince

How many of you remember these things, 45’s?  And how many of you remember these wooden crates sold by a long defunct record store that many of us used to house our vinyl music collections?  I had a larger crate that held my LP’s but with the passing of time the LP’s went into storage bins and the crates were cast out all except this one.  The world went from vinyl to CD’s to MP3’s to having the songs and artists of our time on our phones.  But I never got rid of my vinyl which has been making somewhat of a resurgence lately.

This all leads me into the subject of this post, the passing of a musical icon – Prince.  He may not have been for everyone but he was so much to so many of us.  When I heard of his passing I thought and hoped against hope that it was a hoax and that the world would still be gifted with his music and concerts but those hopes were to no avail – he was gone.  My mind took me on a sudden flashback where I recalled things that I hadn’t thought about in years.

A rapid rewind took me back in time to when he first came out and there he was in a music magazine (no idea what magazine) that I was looking at in the grocery store while waiting for my mother to pay for the groceries.  There he was with his larger than life persona in not much more than a purple Speedo like bottom writhing on a duvet.  I thought “Who the heck is this skinny little guy!” Little did I know then what that guy would become and damned if I wish I had bought that magazine then.  He blew up once the album and movie Purple Rain came out and everyone knew then that his name was Prince and he was funky!  This was during the heyday of MTV videos and be honest now, how many of you tried to do that little dance move at the end of the Purple Rain video? I know I tried!

I was a fan through his musical, fashion and name changes.  The man morphed continually but was always turning out music that had everyone in the club hitting the floor and dancing.  I am thankful that I got to see him in concert once and that was a show.  He gave you, who you were with and everyone else in your section their money’s worth.  And I marveled at how petite he was and could dance and twirl all over the stage while playing a guitar and wearing high heels.  I was so jealous of his ability to do all those moves while in heels.  But as the saying goes, good things come in small packages.

The man was a character and had character.  He was also fiercely private which is refreshing in these times where everything short of seeing the internal organs of some celebrities is constantly bombarding us in the media along with their hedonistic and destructive antics.  But whenever he did show up in the media it was a great moment.  Plus, he appeared on the Muppet Show!  Who cannot love an artist who appears with the Muppets.  I got a twofer with that show as I had been a Muppet fan since they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and a long time Prince fan as well – win win!  A friend of mine was most fortunate to have been at his last concert in Atlanta.  Little did we both know that it was his last concert.

It is heart warming to see so many across the globe honoring him with wearing and turning things purple.  I’ve been sporting my purple sneakers and I even saw a woman at the mall the other day wearing a – wait for it – raspberry beret.  Perhaps another one of the reasons I am mourning his loss so is because his music was a sign of my times, the soundtrack to my life and because we were so close in age.  When someone of your own generation passes it pings that mortality nerve we all have.

I won’t insert a video or audio clip of his music in this post as we’ve all heard it on the news and radio enough (even I’m getting tired of hearing the first few bars of Purple Rain being played constantly – he did more songs than that people!) but as I put my earbuds back in and listen privately to my favorites of his – Baby I’m a Star is on repeat – I will say this in closing; we mourn your passing but your music remains to celebrate your life.

And flights of angles sing thee to thy rest – William Shakespeare



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Monday – Monday

It’s Monday! It’s a bit of a melancholy Monday for me for reasons I won’t get into but there is joy in life to embrace anyway.  It’s a ‘We survived the weekend and didn’t hurt ourselves or each other’ Monday.  And it’s a I don’t have a thing to post for Monochrome Monday other than digging into the files and pulling up a past image.  This was a busy weekend for us!  Every window in the house now has curtain rods and curtains except for one and that is only because I haven’t decided what treatment to give it.

I finally got around to hanging some pictures in one room only while others are still languishing in boxes or on floors.  I’ve picked out some fabric samples and I may be daring enough to make some throw pillows for the bed and sofa.  After arguing with a certain home/hardware store (it’s not the Depot one) for almost a week about their poor customer service and online ordering system, I finally picked up the assemble it yourself bench and coat hanger set for the entry way. Then after two days and one drill bit that needed to be replaced, we got it assembled and hung up.  I told DH that sexy is a man with power tools doing work around the house 😉

We went looking for a new desktop computer for me and while testing the built in speakers on one I ended up busting a move for a few seconds with a little 4 year old girl in the middle of the store who was feeling the grove of the song I was playing.  Hint: the song I was playing came from the Best Urban Contemporary Album of the year winner at the recent Grammys.  Urban Contemporary???? Oh well…it’s got a nice beat and you can dance to it; I give it a seven.

While I am still without a desktop the laptop is still working (thankfully) but then when I tried to print out a photo order – NOTHING!  Panic struck, then frustration, then I called tech support and he kicked me out of my office until he fixed it.  Phew!  So now it’s clean up after the home improvement weekend because no matter how much I swept or vacuumed, I can still find little bits of packing material strewn about and sawdust hides very well on windowsills and baseboards.  How was your weekend?

This photo was taken a few years ago at one of my favorite local parks here, Inniswood, where in spring the area bursts into carpets of crocus and these little cuties -snowdrops.  They should be getting ready to reappear soon…I hope so because I really am awaiting their return.

XU9A3217aSnowdropRstyl copy

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Happy Valentines Day

This is a “holiday” that you either love or hate.  Men dread it (sometimes) because they have to go out with droves of other men to find something to get their sweetie less their names be mud!  The chocolate, jewelry and flower businesses love this day.  But then there are others who think it nothing more than just a commercialized day and that you should love one another ever day.

And then there are those who are single and hate the day; other singles are sad because they are divorced, widowed or their loved one is in harms way in the military.  Some little kids are very shy and don’t like exchanging the little cards (if their school even allows it) or they are the not so popular kid and they don’t get many cards although now I think the policy is you bring in cards you bring in one for everyone!

Being allergic to chocolate (yes! you may gasp now) all my life what I looked forward to was those candy hearts with the silly sayings on them or a red heart shaped lollipop.  Those two candies hold wonderful memories for me because as a child mom would get a box of chocolates and daddy would get me one of those candies.  DH, when we were still ‘courting’, gave me the biggest bragging rights that night in my college psychology class by having one tired delivery man deliver four dozen red roses  🙂

Since then it’s been flowers (though not as many), dinner out, and jewelry.  But this year?  This year I told him let’s stay in and make dinner together and just cuddle happily on the sofa while we watch The Walking Dead.  Maybe I might even be able to get him to put up some curtain rods for me too!  What? That’s not your idea of a romantic evening?  🙂


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Winter and Summer on the Olentangy River plus thoughts about moving

Now that I look at these images I face palm myself (gently) and think I should’ve done Spring and Fall too! Maybe next year.  But next year I won’t be traveling this road across the river anymore because I will be some miles away from it in the new home.  Maybe I will try to make the effort to drive this way again for those seasons and then be able to show this view in every season.  Have you ever missed things when you’ve moved?  People missing is a given but have you missed places?

I will miss the dry cleaning lady who always greets me with ‘Hey Darlin’ when I drop off clothes.  I will miss being near the Buffalo Wild Wings that we have gone to so many times we don’t even have to order our drinks they just bring them out automatically; the drinks are diet Coke and a cider shandy by the way.  I will miss being able to get in the car and drive 5 minutes to get to two grocery stores and a Target (although in the new home I can walk two blocks to a grocery store) and I will miss the sample lady at one of the grocery stores that I always talk to and have fun with when it’s wine sampling time.  We always hug when we see one another.  She gave me a box load of wine corks so that I could make some crafts with them.  I’ll really miss our fave sushi place too.  Haven’t found one yet in the new area but DH’s fave spot for fish and chips is a place he has proclaimed he WILL drive back to.

You would think I was moving miles and miles away when in reality it is just a half hour to 45 minutes drive away so coming back if I chose is not a problem.  I’ve made friends and memories here but now it is time to make new ones.  DH has warned me that I need to just step away from the computer because he is going to pack it up today.  Thankfully the laptop will still be connected to the internet until moving day when we flip off the switch.  I just had a panic moment when I realized I was missing two lens.  I unpacked two boxes looking for them but they weren’t there.  Guess where they were?  In a laundry basket underneath my Labbit collection.  Don’t ask – just Google.

Until we read again  🙂



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Happy Thanksgiving

I remember being a little girl and watching my mom go nuts in the kitchen with the turkey, stuffing and sides.  She would shoo me from the kitchen because my only job was to open the can of jellied cranberry sauce (yes! the kind in the can that has the rib marks from the can on it) because I thought that was the funniest food in the world…and I still love it to this day.

We would wait for my sisters and their families to come over to eat (or as I thought as a child, devour like a plague of locusts) and then leave without helping clean up.  Guess who was considered big enough for that chore!  I would always watch the Macy’s parade on television waiting for Santa to appear at the end because then and only then did I know that Christmas was on its way!

Thanksgivings have always been family centered.  Meals have been at home with mom and dad, at my sisters with nephews and nieces, at my own home with grandchildren, later at nursing and veterans homes with my parents and one year with my English in-laws which was an interesting combo of English and American traditions.  They knew I had a “thing” for the wibbly wobbly cranberry sauce so they had one can there just for me! Of course I was the only one to eat it but hey! More for me 🙂

Since we moved away from my family in Missouri to Ohio we have done turkey day at a restaurant once but the rest of the years have been mini versions of the traditional meal since it’s just the two of us.  We both miss being around family for this day but it is what it is.  Instead we will watch the parade on TV, eat whatever we like (this year it’s going to be a mish mash of this that and the other) speak to relatives either on the phone or via Skype and pack to move into our new home.  I am thankful for many things today including all of you wonderful people that read and interact here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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