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Pre-bagged veggies

At the Hunt’s Farm Market…

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Sitting, fishing and finding a new spot

Patience and something cool to drink helps too… hats are optional.


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Boardwalk Fishing

The boardwalk at the Hoover Mudflats is used for fishing, as you can see, as well as bird watching.  There are several osprey nesting stands set up that bird watchers with binoculars – or photographers with a zoom lens but not me this time – can view from the boardwalk.

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Galena, Ohio

Today we took the top off the Jeep and went exploring.  We eventually found ourselves here in the historic town square of Galena, Ohio.  Every time we go exploring in our new (well, six and a half years new) state we find something different.  There was the vault here which is a venue for central Ohio artists and craftspeople to display their works.  And then there was Talula’s which is a store owned by a pair of sisters with all sorts of odds and ends and other things… or as they like to say owned by and for women.  Wish I had gone into Talula’s but we had gotten turned around and needed to find our way back to a road that would get us back home.

And then there was this abandoned bank 🙂

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Impromptu Jam Session

As mentioned in my prior post about becoming part of a jam session in the park, here’s more from it.  The sax player is Don, a local central Ohio resident who plays in a band.  Doug, the guitarist, is from Pennsylvania and was visiting his non musician – well, at least  he wasn’t playing any instruments that day – friend, Bill, the gentleman in blue sitting on the steps.   Doug teaches music as well as plays musical gigs.  As fate would have it,  Bill and Doug came to visit the rose park that day with Doug deciding to play some songs at the pavilion.  Along comes Don to the park and upon hearing the music came to see what was going on, asked about joining in, went back home for his sax and the band began to play.

Enter one photographer (how fortuitous that we all converged on the same park at the same time) who at first just took photos of the guys until she was asked did she know some of the tunes – which she did.  We sang Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and more.  There were some park visitors who stopped to listen and applauded for us while others just walked past with a smile.  We were all enjoying ourselves, especially when we began making up our own lyrics to Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35.  Phew! Talk about thinking fast on your feet for that one.

It was a magical musical moment in the park.  Cool, man…



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Daydream Shrub Rose

But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of ……

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No, I don’t mean layer masks in Photoshop, I mean on the Cedar Waxwing’s face.  I’ve seen pictures of these birds before but until this day did not think I would ever see one live let alone enjoying oranges.  The waxwing part of their name comes from the bright red wax-like droplets on the tips of their wing feathers.  They look ready for a masquerade party with that black mask across their eyes.

(I hope that Mother’s Day has been a pleasant one for everyone; DH doing all of the cooking has been wonderful.  I know that there are many of us who no longer have our mothers or that special mother figure and that makes the day bittersweet and my heart goes out to those moms who have lost the ones that called or would’ve called them mom.  I miss my mom but I give thanks that I am called mom and nana.  I am thrilled that Facetime and Skype were invented so that while I’m not there with my progeny who live about 7 hours away, I can still see and speak to them.) 

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