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Ode To Spring

Today is the first day of spring and we are so very happy to welcome you back. We have had more than enough of your sibling winter. So we welcome you with open arms and open hearts, dearest spring. Pray … Continue reading

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Knee deep in flowers we’ll stray We’ll keep the showers away And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight Will you pardon me? And tiptoe through the tulips with me (Tiptoe through the Tulips – Tiny Tim)

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Shy Flower

There is no need to be so shy turning your face away To admire your delicate beauty is what we wish to see You are beautiful inside and out with your ombre hues.

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Making me wait

Oh my dearest Spring When will you be coming back? Anticipation

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Missing You

We as frail human beings take too many things for granted but we shouldn’t. What we can pray for, be hopeful for, to be blessed with is another tomorrow. It is perfectly normal to miss things and people that is … Continue reading

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Where are we going?

Where are we going? Down this path and around that corner. But where does it lead to? We won’t know until we get there. How will be know when we are there? You will know it when it happens. So … Continue reading

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Mimosa Monday

We wait for our drinks to come a mimosa for me and an iced tea for you. Together we’re enjoying the world as it goes by while playing  footsie under the table. Happy brunch (photo taken in Scottsdale, Arizona)

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