Waxing moon and not sensor dust

Tonight actually turned out to be fairly clear so I went for it! What’s it you say?  The conjunction of the planets Saturn and Neptune which is supposed to be the best one in 800 years or so.  I tried but I couldn’t get a good shot of the planets – they look more like sensor dust but I’m glad I put on all of my snowy cold weather gear and gave it a shot.

Maybe in the next couple of days until the 21st when the planets will be their closest, I will try again… that is if the weather cooperates.  Bottom line,  even if the weather doesn’t cooperate again (which the weather report is saying) I seized the moment and got to see this celestial event with my own eyes so I feel pretty good.

I think the waxing crescent moon turned out pretty good though.


Waxing Crescent Moon

Saturn on top Jupiter on the bottom

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Euphorbia pulcherrima

Or what the majority of the world calls them – poinsettias.  Here are two of them that I did not feature over on my other blog but still keeping with the colors you don’t regularly see theme.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Stay safe and warm (unless you are in a warmer part of the world, then stay comfy) and next Friday is the big day! Wow, this year went by fast!  Not all that great but fast 🎄



Candy Cinnamon


Premium Polar




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What it was

Thanks to Tim over at Off Center & Not Even, the camera posted for Monochrome Monday was identified as a Hasselblad Super-Wide C SWC with a Zeiss Biogon 38mm Lens.   I’ve never tried let alone owned a Hasselblad.  They seem to have a certain mystique about them but I don’t know why.  I just know they are pricey!

But here are more images of the Super Wide to show you how photography times have changed and looking at this I’m glad they have.  Some purists may disagree… or not.


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He sees you when you’re sleeping…

Ok, this guy (or was it a gal?) doesn’t but you know how the song goes.  This is just an invite for you to come over and visit my other blog What’s Happening Ohio where you can read and see the beautiful place this snow being lives in.

Now I need to scurry off to do last minute present packing to ship to family.

Teri 📷

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Super Wide

My local camera shop lets me play with their gear and by “play” I mean sometimes they let me test shoot with it and sometimes they let me shoot it.  In this case I was there to get some new bigger SD cards as I was beginning to fill up my old ones with all of the bird photography I was doing.  I had my macro lens on my camera at the time so….

Macro shots!

I’m back to being the Macro Queen for the rest of the year (that’s my intention anyway but we all know how things can change) and to start here’s a camera they let me photograph at the store.  I focused on the thing at the top (view finder?) as it was reflecting the store lights around it.  It looks like a tunnel into different dimensions to me or is that just my sci-fi loving heart speaking?

By the way, does anyone know what kind of camera this is beside being a Hasselblad?


macro photography, black and white, Hassleblad

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Buffled and Hooded

Bet that title caught your attention, huh?  Birding may be slowing down as the weather is getting colder and I am not a fan of the cold but that could change if I hear of some interesting species I’ve not captured yet.  But I have hundreds of photos to cull and edit to keep me occupied for awhile.

So here are two species of diving ducks that up until this first year of my exploring bird photography more seriously, I had never heard of let alone seen. The first are some Bufflehead ducks (read more about it here)

Bufflehead ducks, Ohio, Hoover Reservoir

And a similar species, the Hooded Merganser (read more here)

Hooded Merganser, Ohio

I saw the Merganser ducks first and mistakenly identified them as Buffleheads until I looked it up and realized my mistake – whoops!  While they both have that big white patch on their heads, the Merganser’s fold theirs down while the Buffles don’t.  We’re looking forward to capturing more birds when breeding season rolls around and (hopefully) when it’s safe to travel again.

Isn’t nature amazing?  Have a great weekend everyone!

Teri 📷

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Acorn Jay

F9 – 1/2000 – 560mm – ISO2500


Blue Jay, Ohio birds, autumn

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Just another Monochrome Monday

Well… yes and no.  It’s the holiday season so I’ve been trying to safely shop for certain presents in stores while the rest of the crew is going to get something ordered online and mailed to them.  Then there are the two cards and one package that were mailed out exactly a week ago that have still not reached their destinations.

We are not amused post office!

Remember that project I mentioned to you all a month ago (or how long was it? lock down time is so wibbly wobbly) well it’s a go! That means I’ve been busy getting prints made and framed and artist statements typed because starting in January I will be in two gallery shows that will also tie into the civil rights movement of the sixties.

And now back to polishing the edges on my artist statement; I have to have everything ready by the end of this week.  You don’t want to know what number edit I’m on now!


Egret, white egret, Ohio, black and white photography

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How’s it going?

As we near the end of pandemic year 2020 I am asking you all… how are you?  Are you well? Are you managing? How’s your health and the health of friends and family?  Have you gone lock down crazy and if so how many times so far? Have you run out of things to do, photograph, make, cook, clean up, decorate, etc?  And we will not mention how much weight we may have gained – although after my last physical my doctor gave me a bit of a talking to.  Doc did not fully grasp my self “medicating” mode of a giant bowl of popcorn or pretzels – I wonder why?

When both of us were not in emergency rooms, out patient surgery centers and more doctors offices than I ever want to see again,  we took up birding which has been quite entertaining, healthy and educational.  I did photograph some of the protest marches here in Columbus earlier this year for which I won a documentary photography award but after awhile and as infection rates climbed I opted to stay with nature and my street photography ceased.

In this entire year I have only hugged DH and the nurse who helped me during surgery.  That’s just two people all year!!!  Ok, so DH is a constant stream but you get my point.  And smiles? This has been the year without face to face smiles (thank goodness for Face-time and Zoom).  They may have been under masks but it’s a bit hard to see if someone is smiling unless you are well versed in deciphering facial expressions.

I miss traveling and visiting family specially the wild and wonderful 4 year old who has started pretending he is doing a YouTube show on his tablet.  His mother told me that he puts his tablet on selfie mode and then says “Hello and welcome to my channel!”  I so so wish I could see him do that ♥  And in case you are wondering where he got that from, his mother watches YouTube tutorials on crafting.

When I get moody and down I start to tear through the house throwing out things.  Old receipts, grocery bags, Amazon boxes, etc.  Now I’m doing something a bit different.  I am going through storage boxes and deciding I no longer need to hold onto a memory that is NOT worth holding on to and I’m getting my Marie Kondo on (if it doesn’t bring you joy get rid of it) by letting go of some other good “memories” I’ve had stored in boxes for entirely too long.

I am scanning photos that I want to keep into a special file on an external hard drive and then mailing said photos to the next generation.  I’ve sent relatives photos of them taken when they were children, I sent my nephew baby photos of his children that he had lost in a house flood, my son is getting his award certificates from his winning Science Fair projects and I’m assembling a box of photos and other memorabilia of and from my brother for his youngest daughter.  I don’t need to hold on to them anymore, my brother will always be in my heart, and these are things I know she will love.  How I got his meal card from when he was stationed at the RAFB in Thailand I’ll never know but it’s time it went to be loved in a new home.

But something odd happened while I was going through boxes deciding save, pitch or ship off… I felt old and vulnerable for some strange reason.  I felt like someone in one of these strange movies where they are giving away their things to become a hermit, join a religious order,the foreign legion or are getting ready to pass over.  Considering how this year has gone where I have lost two dear relatives to other health concerns, two to the virus, and the kids just last week lost a great uncle to it – thoughts and feelings are understandably wobbly and tender.

We will all get through this one way or the other (hopefully in a good way) and life will go on although it may be a bit different for awhile – who knows!  Thanks for letting me go on, I needed to let it out and sometimes writing can be quite therapeutic.  So in closing, here is an Eastern Bluebird for some happiness.

Thanks for reading and stay safe – Teri

Eastern Bluebird, Birds of Ohio, Birding





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All that’s missing is snow…

Which happened yesterday.  I was tempted to go out and get the owl in its element but opted for hot tea and a blanket inside instead.  But here are some facts about Snowy Owls.

They are seen south of Canada only during some winters (lucky me!) and are predominately white with various amounts of black markings.  Old males are the whitest and immature females have the most dark markings so from the looks of things this makes our owl here a female.  They have a lifespan in the wild of a bit over 10 years and it is one of the largest species of owl and the only one with mainly white plumage.  To read more about the beautiful Snowy Owl click here.

Since I’ve begun birding more this year than I ever have before because of travel restrictions,  I’ve grown quite fond of our feathered friends and look forward to seeing what else may pop up this winter or if not, then I look forward to breeding season in spring when the birds really pull out the stops with their plumage.

Teri 📷


Either she’s fed up with the hoomans and yelling for us to go or she was just bored 🙂

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