Loch Ainort

I was ready! I was so so ready to take the shot that was on my list of must see and photograph spots that I had been researching for months for our Scotland road trip.  And unlike my pointing the wrong way for the Sligachan photos which were up the road from here I was in the right location.  Just two things weren’t quite as planned.

The photos I had seen showed the mountains being reflected in the loch.  With the weather being so clear I thought I had this shot in the bag – not quite.  While the sun was cooperating the breeze made the water ripple so no reflections.  From the angle I had seen some of the other shots that  had inspired me, I needed to get right down on the shore of the loch.  That didn’t happen either.

There was a bit of a scramble down the side of the road where we had pulled over and I didn’t have on the right clothing at the time to get through some of the pricklier landscaping.  But in this case I still consider it a win for getting the shot.

Notice the little buildings at the edge of the loch; right in the middle of the image and on the right in the cloud shadows.  How’s that for perspective?

Teri  📷

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Window Shopping – Day and Night

Teri  📷


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At loose ends…

Things to do, places to go, events to cover, a class to take, new things to learn, tests to be done, allergic reactions to tests done… just your usual and not so usual goings on.  There wasn’t going to be a post this morning because of the whirlwind going on inside my head but I felt that doing something positive would keep me on the path and not fall off it into the jaws of self destruction.

Here we have some photos I took in downtown Columbus, Ohio this past weekend.  Seriously though, 87 degrees in October?  Talk about hot time in the old town that night 😉

Teri  📷

Even a parking garage is colorful in the Short North art district.

Highway 670 runs through (or is that under) downtown and I tried some impromptu long exposure photography.  I was braced against a wall so my safely hand held shutter speed was 1/5 of a second.

All along the main street downtown there is construction to the point that getting from point A to point B by any means of locomotion has become a right pain sometimes but we all look forward to how it will turn out in the end.

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A wee church on Skye

While there was a small gravel patch for folks to park on, I still am not sure if this church was an active one or just another beautiful site for tourists to traipse about; still trying to find out it’s name and history.

But whatever the story,  it has one fantastic view.  Note: This church is the one mentioned in the prior post about Skye here

Teri  📷

Update: Thanks to the power of the folks at VisitScotland.com and social media this wee church has a name and history.  The St. Columba Church (named after an Irish missionary who landed here in 585 AD to preach the Christian faith) was built in 1901 facing the Sound of Sleat.  Later it became the Talla Duisdale missionary church which closed it’s doors in the 1970’s.  In 2017 the building was converted to a performance venue.  The name, Talla Duisdale means ‘misty glen’.


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Pongo is the scientific name of the species of great apes known as the orangutan.  There are three species of pongos and they are found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.  Sadly the wild population is threatened by poachers, habitat destruction and the killing of mothers to take the young as pets.

I will confess, when I saw the large male I heard King Louie from the movie Jungle Book singing in the back of my mind.  Oh, oobee doo I wanna be like you…

Teri  📷

This is Khali, a 12 year old female.

And this big strapping guy whose hair drags behind him is Sulango, who is 25 years old.

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For the birds

The first birds you will encounter when visiting the zoo are the flamingos, a crowd favorite.  Did you know that a well fed flamingo is more vibrantly colored and therefore more desirable as a mate.  Brings new meaning to hot pink 😉

Then it’s off to see the other denizens of the air like this Blue-Bellied Roller that breeds across Africa in a narrow belt from Senegal to the northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Black Crowned Crane that occurs in Africa south of the Sahara, although it nests in somewhat wetter habitats.

And the pelicans.  Did not see the sign designating what species of pelicans they were but they are big birds and when they “clop” close their beaks when snapping at one another you hear it!

Teri  📷

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Zoo Day

The Columbus, Ohio zoo is a great place to visit if you live here or if you are visiting.  Besides all of the amazing animals it’s a great place to spend time and you will get plenty of exercise as you walk the grounds.

With camera in hand we went not realizing everyone else decided that the day was perfect for a visit to the zoo.  We didn’t get to cover all of it but there’s time for that on another trip.  As a child I loved going to the zoo, now while I still enjoy it there are moments when I look at the animals and wonder what they are thinking; especially the primates.

And I also grouse much much more now about how much the food and drinks cost at the zoo.  On top of that, they don’t even give you straws or lids for your drinks.  They told me it was to protect the animals – OK.   As I was getting hungry when I saw this big guy the thought of a bison burger came to mind.

I know! Shame on me 😉

Teri  📷



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