The Mother in Law House

I will be heading back to Missouri to see the family for the holidays so I have been cleaning up files to see what I have and haven’t posted because there will be new photos from the visit.  I’m starting to wonder if there is anything left for me to photograph here in Old St. Charles, Missouri as I’ve walked up, down and around it so many times.  But we shall see.

This building is called the Mother In Law House; first brick double house built in 1866.  No idea what a double house is but it now serves as a restaurant.


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A study in red and green

We recently went to one of our favorite spots for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised to see there were still begonias doing quite well in the November weather around the restaurants now closed patio.

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Maple Red

It’s not unusual around here in central Ohio to find one or two brightly colored trees standing out in the midst of a bunch of green (or totally bare) trees; makes for a very interesting contrast.  But after the big storm this past weekend many of those colorful trees have more leaves around them than on them.

I photographed this tree a day before the storm.

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I found some autumn

Right next to the movie theater we went to this afternoon.  And now we are under a tornado watch.  Weather… what a fickle thing!


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Colors in the stream

There are more trees turning brighter colors but a great number have dropped their leaves.  In this case the leaves were in a very low shale creek in the park.  Have a great weekend and for some of us in the United States… remember that tomorrow the clocks go back an hour.

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Back when…

I think getting great autumn foliage shots like these taken from 2013 to 2015 isn’t going to happen this year.  It’s turned cooler and we’ve gotten more rain but that has tended to blow the leaves off the trees.  Who knows!  I may happen upon a treasure trove of great color somewhere when I least expect it but it is November now.

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Bat Nana and Bat Grandson

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