Snow Barrow

There’s no barrow like snow barrow!  Sorry, was feeling punny today.  This is my favorite barn to photograph but I could’ve sworn that wheel barrow was either missing or on the other side of the driveway and upside down when I last photographed here.

Hmmmmm – Teri  📷

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Summer Barn – Winter Barn – Still a Barn



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The tree stands alone plus a word about auto tone

Do you use Lightroom to edit your photos? I do.  Well now they’ve gone and mucked around with the names.  What used to be Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud) is now Lightroom Classic (desktop computer) and Lightroom CC is now really cloud based and – in my opinion – meant more for those who edit on the run using a laptop or their phones.  Why Adobe had to go and change the names like that has confused and in some cases ticked off many of it’s users.  But anyway…

In the tone editing panel in LR right above the exposure slider is the auto button.  Click on that and as Adobe says – Auto uses Adobe Sensei technology to intelligently apply adjustments based on a photo’s light and color characteristics – well that sounds scientific! Adobe says you can start your editing process using this.  Initially I didn’t want to try it based upon my very early editing days experience with auto and white balance.  That did not work – lesson learned.  But one day I gave auto a go and I found that like anything else with editing it can be a hit or a miss depending on the photo and the finished look you are trying to achieve.  In other words… it can work sometimes.

This photo of the tree, which was in black and white yesterday, is the end result of starting off with auto tone, liking what it gave me and then finishing the edit with a few other quick adjustments.  As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to edit a photo.  What do you use to edit your photos with?

Teri  📷



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The tree stands alone plus a word about presets

I’ve photographed this tree in every season but winter until this day.  My objective was to somehow convey a sense of the weather at the moment this photo was taken; cold, gray and snowy.  Do you think that mood comes across here?


How did I achieve this look? A preset.  Presets are one button editing actions you can get for Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements;  a series of steps that have been recorded by their creator.  They can make editing a very quick process as compared to going through all of the sliders yourself.  A preset can be all you’ll need to edit your photo or they can be a good start towards the final edit you want.

I believe that you should know as much as you can about your editing program so that you can tell when or even if you want to use a preset or action.  When I do use them I rarely leave the image as is after applying it; the majority of the time I will do some extra tweaking to achieve the final look.  In this case I applied a preset from the Coffee Shop Blog (all of her stuff is free and awesome) to convert the image to B&W in Lightroom and then with an adjustment brush I increased the clarity on parts of the tree; finishing with decreasing some of the white vignette.

Do you use any presets or actions or is that not your editing thing?  Do share.

Teri  📷

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Summer Dam – Winter Dam

Right now with this cold snowy weather I much prefer the summer dam.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay warm out there – Teri  📷



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Sledding with the pompom squad

What is it that is so fun about fuzzy pompoms on hats?  Almost every little girl on this snowy hill had on a hat with at least one pom on it.  Let you in on a secret… the photographer had one on her hat too.

When I took this photo it was, obviously, snowing but it was also very overcast and grey.  Upon uploading it into Lightroom I had two (at least) options for editing.  I could’ve left it grey to convey what the weather was like at the time or I could opt to lighten it up a bit.  I chose the later.  I did a bit of exposure lightening but mostly I upped the whites slider until I liked what I got.

Why not just leave it at adjusting the exposure? I found that when I increased the exposure I lost some of the separation between the girls and the trees behind them and I didn’t like that look.  That’s the great thing with non-destructive editing.  You can tweak an image to your hearts content without doing damage to the original.

Questions? Comments? Just want to say hello?

I’m listening – Teri  📷

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The Snowy Day – Daughters and Daddy

The day I took these photos not only was it snowing but it was windy and very very cold!  When it’s very cold a camera can have some issues.  Batteries will run out faster, snow can get on your lens and in my case sometimes the auto focus was just not cooperating at times. I also discovered that focusing could get a bit dodgy while snow is falling; does the camera lock onto the snow or the real subject matter?

In yesterdays post, while I’m not entirely sure, I think my focus was a bit confused by the heavy amount of snow even though I was focusing on the father’s head.  Here we have the same day (within minutes of the prior shot) but with not as much snow in the way.  Was this due to better focusing or the snow had slowed down? I really don’t know.

In this photo you can tell just how windy it was by the little girls pom pom strap on the left side of her face; it was blowing in the wind.  She was waiting patiently for her turn on the sled as the wind and snow blew. By the way, if there was a fashion award for hats that day she would’ve won hands down with this fuzzy cutie.

What techniques work best for you when photographing in the cold and snow?  Have you encountered any problems and how did you solve them?  Inquiring photographers would love to know.


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