Shall we play a game 2 – Still haven’t solved it

And gave up trying years ago but it is a nice little knick knack to have on my desk.  It’s interesting the toys and games that are trendy for awhile only to be replaced by what someone else declares is the new “in” thing to have or do.

Did you ever have one of these and did you ever solve it?

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Shall we play a game?

And not any having to do with war.  One upon a time I was quite the jacks player.  My eye hand coordination was on point back when parents had to tell us to come from outside and not the other way round.

Jacks, jump rope, roller skates, bicycles, marbles, cap guns (I was a tomboy and I had a set) swinging in swings and bolo bats; the toys and games of my childhood.  Then the jacks were metal and the little rubber ball was just a little red rubber ball.

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When I did film

I was digging through some storage boxes looking for things to photograph with my macro lens since the weather outside has been ugly and cold; anything but spring like.  I was digging for was my Polaroid instant camera which I know is in a box somewhere but I still haven’t found it, instead I found this.  Even though I am now team Canon and Sony my first film camera was this Nikon.

I did a little digging around online and discovered (a bit to my dismay) that when this camera was first marketed it’s target audience was women because it was reasonably simple and lightweight.  Really now!  Then again when I first looked at my Canon 5D Mark III a male sales person told me it might be heavy for me.  This was just around 4 or 5 years ago I might add.

Truth be told it was initially a bit heavy to me (especially with the strap around my neck until I got a cross body strap) but now I tote it around easily even with it’s big 70-200mm lens attached.  Take that “made for women” marketing!  I’m almost tempted to see if it still works.

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Some signs of spring… but not a lot!

There are patches of spring flowers here and there; daffodils, snowdrops and just the tops of tulips.  The grass is getting greener and even a few trees have started to form the buds that will be this years foliage but on the whole… it still looks and feels pretty much like winter.  Especially with temperatures no higher than the low 40’s, snow showers appearing off and on and still we wear coats and hats.

You that have cherry blossoms and other flowers blooming now are very fortunate.  Ours will get here, one of these days.  When everything is blooming here in the park this area makes a beautiful backdrop for portraits.  It’s waiting for the weather to cooperate too.

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Signs of Spring

Even though the people in the park today (including me; needed to wear gloves) were bundled up for winter weather, spring was letting everyone know that it was popping up here and there as with these Lenten Roses by a bench which in a few weeks may have visitors sitting on it enjoying the tulips that are coming very soon.

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Oil and Vinegar

In the beginning there was plain oil and plain vinegar and then it got fancy…really fancy!  I’ve used flavored balsamics and olive oils before in my cooking so I was immediately drawn to this place in the North Market.  So many varieties – so many potential flavor combinations.

But the best part (besides taking home a bottle of pomegranate balsamic) was sampling many of the flavors and thinking about ways to use them.  Right now I’m thinking the lemon olive oil would be wonderful in the olive oil cake recipe I have.

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Which one? Which one?


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