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Game’s Over

I always wonder what happened when I see abandoned homes.  From the look of all that was strewn about plus the still standing basketball hoop, there once was at least one family here.  Because of the proximity of the three homes it was probably an extended family grouping.

Don’t think I didn’t give the upper windows a good hard look with this house to see if anything moved behind those blinds after it’s neighbor  😉

BasketballHouse8922-Edit copy BasketballHouse8953-Edit copy




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The tank is empty!

We were out driving in pursuit of abandoned and interesting old barns when we drove past these two abandoned houses right there by the side of a busy roadway.  Of course this meant me getting excited and DH trying to figure out a place where we could turn around safely.  Mission accomplished; he stayed in the car waiting for me as I cautiously walked down an old driveway past bits and pieces of the former residents daily lives…

propanetank8940-Edit copy

To here.  Quite welcoming isn’t it?

House8928-Edit copy





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Another one hasn’t bitten the dust…entirely

When anyone compliments me on my work I am so pleased and honored (I’m over the moon when someone orders a print but I digress) because these photos I share with you represent a part of me.  A blogger friend mentioned enjoying the rose photos I have been doing but missing the barns from the barn series I had done previously.  Well, that just made me smile all over and because of that, even though I am still sharing the rose park photos (it will be people in the park this week) I’m slipping in this preview of a barn not shown before.

I will eventually get around to showing all of it but for now here’s this little teaser 🙂


BarnEnd9047-Edit copy

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In and Out

And no, I don’t mean the burger place 😉  Viewing the full east side of the barn you can see that there are many windows and several doors into it.  I still cannot figure out how the farmer got in and out of it considering it is a tall barn and as you can see, all of the doors are much higher than ground level.


InandOut8795-Editbw copy

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Ladder and Tire

I understand the use and need for the ladder, it is after all a very big barn, but the tire?  We speculated that maybe it was there to prevent some equipment from bumping into that support beam but who knows!  Any ideas?  But the workmanship put into this barn just amazes me.

(Click on photos to view larger)

BarnLadder8866-Edit copy                BarnLadder8870-Edit copy                BarnLadder8874-Edit copy

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Wordless Wednesday – Inside and Outside


InsideOut8775-Editbw copy

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She’s shy

This side of the barn looks as though she (I have claimed her as my favorite beautiful barn girl) is hiding this open side of her with a great big fan…made of trees.  Tomorrow we get closer to seeing what she was hiding inside.

NorthSilo8879-Edit copy


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