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One barn, a lot of sheep, a llama and a crow

Be careful if you count the sheep, you might fall asleep.  You’ll have to look a bit hard to find the other two animals… I missed them entirely until I uploaded the photo as I was focused on getting the … Continue reading

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How and what to convert to black and white

Unless you are shooting in black and white already, when you are composing a shot do you ever look at it and think this will look great in monochrome or does that only come to you once it’s ready for … Continue reading

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Heart of Africa

By way of the Columbus Zoo.  Some of you wonderful readers live in Africa and get to see these magnificent animals roaming free and some of you have visited Africa.  For the rest of us there are our local zoos.  … Continue reading

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Cana T. Wolf

Lucian and Cana are ambassador wolves from Ironwood Wolves, an Ohio based company that has several wolves that they use to educate people about these magnificent creatures which have been both admired and vilified in life and media.  Cana was … Continue reading

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Photographs with Wolves

A preview shot of a photo shoot I did yesterday with my photography club which involved wolves…and little red riding hood.  More later 😉

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So…what kind of photographer are you?

Have you ever been asked that? I have.  Professionally I answer portrait, event and fine art photography.  Now that can and does cover a wide(ish) berth but it’s what I do; it’s what I enjoy.  But even within those three … Continue reading

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The little farm animals @Whole Foods Market

The other day the little ones attending the Kids Club event at Whole Foods were featured.  Today we have what they were looking at.  I wish I had gotten the card of the farm that brought the animals in so … Continue reading

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The Farm comes to the little ones @Whole Foods Market

We went to Staples to get some office supplies when we heard some music being played loudly.  “Wow! That person really has their car blasting” was my first thought until I recognized it was live music coming from the local … Continue reading

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Island Geckos

At least I think they are all geckos.  Geckos can be seen all over the island of Grand Cayman.  You can take a nice little stroll down a main street and at least a couple of these little scamps will … Continue reading

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Why were the chickens at the bus stop?

They had a bus to catch! Thank you, thank you I’m here through the weekend don’t forget to tip your servers.  Yes, I know I’m not quite ready to headline in Vegas,  but why where there chickens at the bus … Continue reading

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