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One barn, a lot of sheep, a llama and a crow

Be careful if you count the sheep, you might fall asleep.  You’ll have to look a bit hard to find the other two animals… I missed them entirely until I uploaded the photo as I was focused on getting the line of sheep.  Going peach picking put us right in the heart of farming land and I captured quite a few interesting moments.


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How and what to convert to black and white

Unless you are shooting in black and white already, when you are composing a shot do you ever look at it and think this will look great in monochrome or does that only come to you once it’s ready for editing?  My method is to shoot all of my images in color raw and then decide what to do with it once I view it on my monitor.  There are many times when I make two copies of the image (color and b&w) because I like the look of both and then there are times when the image doesn’t pop to me until it’s converted to b&w.

You might be surprised at how something so vividly colorful as a flower or an insect can stand so very well on it’s own in monochrome.  What happens is when an image is in color your eye first notices all of the hues of the subject.  The rose and butterfly photos below are a good example of this.  The rose was a vivid red and the butterfly a bright green but if you had viewed them in color would you have noticed the details in the petals or the scales in the wings of the butterfly? Possibly not.  Converting an image to black and white causes the details and contrasts in an image to stand out which is why it is amazing when applied to architecture and automobiles; shiny metal and chrome look great in black and white.  But what about portraiture?  There are some who feel that if you do portraits in black and white it’s because you are hiding some mistakes while others think it lends a classic or moody effect to the portrait.  I can see the validity in both of those opinions but in the end as with any other photo it’s all about what you as the photographer are trying to convey.

So how can you convert an image to black and white?  There are so many ways to do this and these are the ones I use: presets in Lightroom and PS, Topaz and Nik plug-ins, other free and purchased presets and actions from businesses like Pretty Presets and Coffee Shop, a gradient map in PS, or just moving the saturation slider to the left until the image is black and white.  I don’t use the last two methods much anymore as I can get so much more creative with the other programs but it is good to know that they are available for you to use.  In the end whatever the subject matter of your image, it’s your personal tastes that determine what is converted to black and white and how.

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Heart of Africa

By way of the Columbus Zoo.  Some of you wonderful readers live in Africa and get to see these magnificent animals roaming free and some of you have visited Africa.  For the rest of us there are our local zoos.  Our zoo here recently opened a wonderful area called Heart of Africa which consists of 43 acres of land where the animals can roam side by side…well, with some separations to make sure nobody eats their neighbor!  Compared to being in even big cages or being let out to small yards this concept is wonderful.  There is one large area that I like to call the arena where they let some of the animals out so that we humans can get a closer view of them and where they have educational moments like with the cheetah here.

They only have compatible animals in the “arena” at the same time – this day was the zebras and ostriches – and move them out to the big area when it’s time to bring in a new species.  It was funny watching them try to herd out the ostrich sisters so that the cheetah could come in; the girls kept doubling back on them and one just refused to cooperate!  If you ever find yourself in central Ohio I invite you to stop by and visit our zoo but make sure you’re wearing good walking shoes…it’s a lot of zoo!






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Cana T. Wolf

Lucian and Cana are ambassador wolves from Ironwood Wolves, an Ohio based company that has several wolves that they use to educate people about these magnificent creatures which have been both admired and vilified in life and media.  Cana was a sweet animal who after awhile loved posing with our fearless model and gave lots of wolf kisses (between the two of them the poor girls dress was covered in wolf slobber there for a bit); bless her furry heart.   We all kept a respectful distance from them with our cameras but at no time were any of us in any danger…well other than slobber and a head butt if they liked you.

I had fun getting them to try and howl which I did manage to get a bit of one out of them 🙂



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Photographs with Wolves

A preview shot of a photo shoot I did yesterday with my photography club which involved wolves…and little red riding hood.  More later 😉


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So…what kind of photographer are you?

Have you ever been asked that? I have.  Professionally I answer portrait, event and fine art photography.  Now that can and does cover a wide(ish) berth but it’s what I do; it’s what I enjoy.  But even within those three categories there are subcategories for me and for other photographers.  One can be a wedding, infant, child, family, maternity, Senior, etc. portrait photographer.  Events can run the gamut from a wedding, birthday party, graduation, concert, fashion show to even recording a birth.   Giving birth is a wonderful thing but as I did not want a camera in there when I gave birth, I don’t think I will be the one holding the camera for that sort of photography.

What is your niche? Are you searching for your niche? To be perfectly honest that is still a journey I am on.  I don’t wish to be a jack of all trades master of none sort but I don’t want to limit myself to just one or two types of photography either.  As much as I love capturing the sweet innocence of a child or the allure of a model, I also love nature with all of it’s wonders.  Does that make me less of a photographer because I have varying tastes? I don’t think so.  Because I love macro as well as panoramic shots does that mean I can’t make up my mind? Ummmm…no!  Black and white one day; color the next and then high contrast and HDR – what’s with her she’s all over the place?  There is method to my madness.

And my point is what?  I photograph what I am hired to photograph as well as the things that catch my eye; the things I want to keep forever or share and offer to others.  I want to capture the beauty of life even if sometimes it is not  that pretty.  Life is about that mother to be or that perfect rose; it’s that macro shot of a bug or that homeless person sleeping in a church doorway.  The bottom line about my photography is that I want my images to speak; to tell a story.  I want them to tell you about themselves be it the story of a little girl giggling or of an old abandoned car.  I want each image to draw you in and get you to think about it; what it once was, what that day was like, how did that flower smell, what would it be like to walk through that garden or that part of town – or I really want to get a pair of shoes like that!  (Ok, so that last one is a weakness of mine but you get the point).  Sometimes – I hope – my images inspire someone to try that type of shot themselves or that post editing technique.  I do aspire to narrow down things and focus on just a few things one day but in the meantime…

Photography is art and my art is my photography.

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The little farm animals @Whole Foods Market

The other day the little ones attending the Kids Club event at Whole Foods were featured.  Today we have what they were looking at.  I wish I had gotten the card of the farm that brought the animals in so I could give them proper credit.  They actually do kiddie birthday parties where they will bring the animals to you.  That beats having a clown any day of the week to me.  All of their animals had been hand raised so they were used to being around and handled by humans; the sheep and goats had been bottle fed.

Present were two sheep, two goats, two ducks, a turkey and two chickens, one very fluffy Angora bunny, another bunny, chicks and ducklings.  The chickens and the turkey had the smelliest pen – phew!  It was rather humorous to watch the sheep and goats stick their heads out of their pen to try and nibble on the flowers the market had around their area for sale or to get anything else they could grab.  E-I-E-I-O  🙂

There are some “comments” under some of the pictures in the slide show, you just have to scroll down a bit to see them.

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