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Good times call for a good…

Wine!  There was a celebratory dinner out last night and then there was some wine later.  I hate spending what I can get an entire bottle for on one glass in a restaurant sometimes so I opted for the decadent dessert there and wine at home.  I discovered this wine at a Greek restaurant here when we first moved to Ohio.  It’s a very nice California red blend and became a staple in our home but in recent years it has become harder and harder to find.  The original (well, original for me) label had a scene reminiscent of the one from The Creature from the Black Lagoon; monster holding screaming woman.  What’s not to love about a wine with a label like that?

When I noticed the wine becoming harder to find I stocked up on a couple of bottles.  No wine today – coffee!



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Monochrome Monday with the Artist Wrestling League

Also at the Franklington Urban Scrawl were these guys, the Artist Wrestling League.  Seriously, there was painting and wrestling with male and female art brawlers competing for a winner at the end of the 2 day event.  It was great!  More with them tomorrow.

AWL5742-Edit copy

(Dear Readers –  WordPress has just sent me a message saying that today is my blogging anniversary!  I’ve been at this for a grand 4 years now!  Thank you to all near and far, recent and long timers who have followed my journey through life and the world with camera and DH the Sherpa in tow 😉  There will be cake, confetti and champagne in the virtual party room at 5.  Here’s to more years of photography and blogging together! )

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Taking another break…

Well, I’m not as bad as I was health wise but still not close enough to being my formerly healthy self 😦  And to top things off this weekend is our anniversary.  I wish I felt better but the celebration may be relegated to laying low and just enjoying each other without DH having to run off to NYC for work.  He is taking time off (WOOT) so we shall see what we can do.  Plans had been made but they may have to be modified but not cancelled as I am determined to celebrate some kind of way.  Oh well…we can always party hearty later when I am well again.  See you all sometime next week.

Happy Anniversary, sweetie, and here’s to many more years of the wild, wacky, weird and wonderful life we share.  Six down – many lots to go ♥


Rings 382web

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It’s my anniversary!!!

It was 3 years ago today that I first burst upon WordPress not having a clue about how I was going to do things but knowing what I wanted to do!  In that time the world has changed and so have we all.  I have improved my photographic skills (something I will be doing hopefully until the day I put the camera down for good) and have “met” so many wonderful people through blogging that I would not have if I hadn’t started this.  Some of you first followers are still followers and you are very special to me because it was your words of encouragement that kept me going.  All of you are amazing and it is such a pleasure to share our worlds with each other.

And the places from around the globe you all come from – wow!  I can say that from you I am learning bits and pieces of other languages as well as customs.  The discovery of other turtle, rose, and cooking aficionados has broadened my horizons and through you I have traveled to so many places.  Thank you, other photographers, who have helped me by posting how you’ve achieved certain shots, answered my questions, and given me inspiration for my work.  I hope you feel the same.

So let’s pop the bubbly and enjoy some cake while we raise our virtual glasses and toast to more years of blogging.  Cheers!

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Not the plant but the color; that being a pale tint of violet.  When we were dating he would often meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses (at the time we had a midwest/east coast romance going on and were racking up miles) and I felt on top of the world every time.  One day he brought me lavender and white roses and I was amazed as I had never ever seen lavender roses before.  One of us, I don’t recall who, dropped a subtle as a ton of bricks hint about them making a great wedding bouquet.

At the time he was in favor of getting hitched and I was all for running away from it.  Needless to say he wore me down…and while planning the wedding guess what the colors were? You got it!  My shoes were purple, the bouquet was lavender roses, his shirt, the invitations, etc. were all in the lavender and white color scheme.  I didn’t go Bridezilla but some might have a slightly different opinion about that.  Don’t listen to them.

All of this is to say that this week is our wedding anniversary and I am unplugging from social media for awhile so that we can run away with each other to celebrate.  The doctor has said the bone is laying down it’s calcium and I should have another 3 weeks before it’s mended but the soft tissue injury is still a big wonky.  Alas no high heels for this anniversary but I will carry on just as well in flat sandals.

Then again, I do have a pair of lavender Nikes.  See you next week 🙂

(Not roses but they are the right color; bless his heart)

Lavender orchids

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I’m two years old today!

Well, the blog is anyway.  It was two years ago today that I started this blog, threw myself deeper into photography, and “met” new people and made new friends.  Some people have come and gone while others have stayed the course and I truly appreciate you.  I’ve “traveled” around the world reading your posts as I’ve let you see into my world and where I wander.  Many things have happened in this time – the good, bad, and fugly – but these moments are all part and parcel of life and make us who and what we are.

Again, thank you everyone.  Now let’s get this party started…oh wait! We have to wait for the Disco Duck to arrive and then we can party – LOL

Disco Duck w

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Opposites really do attract …The Anniversary Edition

He is tall

I come up to his nose

He is very fair

I am tan

He is a silver fox

I’m not there yet

He has dual citizenship

I’m all American

His eyes are blue

Mine are brown

He hates olives and onions

Pass them over here I’ll take them off your hands

He likes NASCAR

I still don’t get it

He is analytical

I am the artistic one

But we both like science fiction, movies where stuff

blows up, scotched eggs, sushi,

and Broadway musicals to name a few

What’s most important is this

We love each other.

Happy Anniversary, DH, here’s to many many more years

of our opposites attracting.

Taking photos in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave.

Taking photos in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave.

Had to show the shoe!

Had to show the shoes!

Heading into our reception

Heading into our reception

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