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Wednesday Sunrises

We cannot control the weather for such shots but checking to see what time the sun rises and where to best view it requires a bit of research and a lot of dedication and willingness to get up that early! … Continue reading

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Mountains and Cowboys

My friend, Ingrid, over at Live Laugh RV has been doing weekly photo themes recently.  Her most recent one was black and white and as she is out in Arizona I decided to post one of my favorite shots from … Continue reading

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2017 in Review

Well, another year down and more to come.  This year has seen so many things happen in the world and sadly too many of them were tragic and just downright ugly!  I won’t delve into those things but instead will … Continue reading

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My top posts of 2017

I’m terrible at looking and analyzing stats – I think it has something to do with taking statistics and other similar classes in college; I shudder remembering them – so I really don’t go over my numbers as much as … Continue reading

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Desert Beauty – High Eleven

I don’t know what type of cactus this is but if you know please let me know.  This cactus was one of many in the private garden of an RV park in Congress, Arizona.  It shared space with Methuselah the … Continue reading

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State Butterfly of Arizona

The Two-Tailed Swallowtail.  I get down right giddy when I come across a species I’ve never seen before and this was one of those moments.  Such a beautiful creature.  

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The Owl Butterfly (Caligo eurilochus) is a bit of a night owl (pun not entirely intended) in the butterfly world as they are nocturnal which may be why they are usually pretty easy to photograph. They stay very low key … Continue reading

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