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Art Mimicking Reality

I didn’t notice it at first because I was just looking at the entire wall but once the image was uploaded and viewed closer I saw it!  Can you see it?  These are some very good artists.  Your hint is the title of the post 😉



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The Right to Vote


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Wall Murals

Wall murals can range from the mundane to the sublime; sometimes humorous and sometimes with a deep message.  While getting the tour of downtown Albuquerque we noticed there was so much art around.  Not just the murals but also the architectural design of the buildings.  Taking a balloon break (but they will be back – you’ve got to see the special shapes ones!) and instead showing you around town.

I really like that even the steps here were decorative.



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Yeah right sure uh huh….. But anyway, today I was a model for a digital art and fashion magazine which today was shooting the designers of the future; designers from schools both local and from other parts of the country.  This whimsical skirt I’m wearing was designed by local designer Camille Witt.  The eye wiggles but unfortunately I cannot figure out how to upload the little video clip of me wiggling in it to make it move.  You’ll just have to use your imagination 😉

It really was a fun skirt!



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The Art Supplies, The Art and The Artist

Easel9108-Edit copy Easel9114-Edit copy Artist9094-Edit copy

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Still Life with Carnations V4

I was starting to run out of options by day four here; many combinations I tried were just variants of prior edits and then it came to me!  Try selective color but with a twist in this case.  With the help of Topaz Restyle I’ve not only done a bit of selective color for this image but I’ve also changed the color of the carnations from apricot to pink.

At the bottom of this post is a poll where I am kindly asking you to vote for your favorite still life version.  I’d like to see what you liked most; leave why in the comments if you wish.

Carnations7980-Edit-V4SCPink 2copy

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Still Life with Carnations V3

I hope you’re still with me as I explore how many ways I can edit this one little teapot of carnations.  Having done two color versions I just had to go the opposite direction and go monochrome.  With this image the process was from Lightroom to Topaz Black and White Effects to PSE.  While I like this image in color more because of the pretty apricot color of the carnations, I think it holds its own in b&w because of the simple composition.

What do you think?

Carnations7980-Edit-V3TopazBW copy



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