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Two visitors to the coneflower patch

Bee and butterfly; at least I think it’s a butterfly.  No clue as to what kind but if you know please leave the name in the comments and thanks.  After yesterday’s “stinky” post I felt something lighter and brighter would be in order especially since this weekend I will be celebrating my birthday.

I’m going to try and fit some champagne into the weekend somewhere… that’s light, bright and bubbly 🙂






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Screaming Neon Red Shrub Rose

With bee.  How’s that for a rose name?

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There’s a bee in my mouth…

There were honey and other bees buzzing busily in the gardens and I for one was quite happy to see them.

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Teahouse Selfie in Front – Rhododendrons in Back

A selfie, the view from behind the teahouse and a busy rhododendron hopping bee.


TeahouseSelfie9937-Edit copy TeahouseBack9968-Edit copy RhodoBee9984-Edit copy


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Spring has Sprung

It has risen from the remains of seasons gone by – and false starts – to delight us all.  We bid thee welcome, dear Spring, with open arms and joyful hearts.


Bee8072-Edit copy

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Bee kind…

To this planet, to bees, to each other whenever possible and to nature…well, maybe not so much to spiders, rats and snakes (those are my phobias) but I digress.  Be especially kind to bees for without them we would be in dire straights when it comes to many things.  We need them for the pollination of the fruits and veggies we eat and without them there would be no honey.  And I don’t know about you but I love some good local raw honey; so tasty and healthy for you.  Nothing like a good biscuit – and I mean the biscuit we Americans call a biscuit – slathered in real butter and some honey for breakfast.  Now I’m hungry.

By the way, this was the first time I had ever seen an orange sunflower.  I always assumed they just came in yellow.  Bee kind this weekend, have some honey and watch out tonight for the super moon 🙂

SunBee5482-Edit copy


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Caption this image…

For a funny Friday I decided to ask you, dear readers and fellow mirth makers, to caption this image.  This was purely an accidental shot as I was focusing on getting the butterfly by itself on the flower when this one bee decided to…well, you caption it.

Have a wonderful weekend and watch out for bees behind you 😉


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