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The party’s over…

Or at least slowed down to a healthier pace.  For the past five days I have walked, laughed, sang, gotten hugged by complete strangers, photographed (including channeling Vivian Maier), saw some fantastic art and met one of the artists, had … Continue reading

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Time and events march on

The orchid show is gone but the butterfly exhibit is coming to the Franklin Park Conservatory any minute now. But this weekend (besides getting our internal clocks rattled a bit from Daylight Savings Time) is all about DH as it’s … Continue reading

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Twas the sweet ending for the birthday

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Katy Trail Park

The Katy Trail State Park is a state park in the U.S. state of Missouri that contains the Katy Trail, a recreational rail trail that runs 240 miles (390 km) in the right-of-way of the former Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad.[1] Running largely along … Continue reading

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Monochrome(ish) Monday after the partying

Let me first say thank you so very much to all of you from near and far who wished me a happy birthday. Thank you for making me feel extra special.  So what all did I do? Or should I … Continue reading

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Taking a break…

A lot has been going on around these here parts and I am in sore need of a break and besides this weekend….. No idea what’s going to happen other than a romantic dinner where I will actually wear heels … Continue reading

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Monochrome Monday Celebration

It’s Monday! It’s Monochrome Monday! It’s DH’s birthday! It’s time for me to get a bit sweet and mushy (take note of this for it may not happen again for a long time lol)  Happy birthday to my wonderful sweet … Continue reading

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The Birthday Girl and her Photo Project

I had this plan to get as many people as I could to pose with me for a birthday photo.  I was going to go up to people that I saw wherever I was in New York and proclaim “It’s … Continue reading

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Celebration time come on!

I’m taking some time off to celebrate a special day that is coming up this weekend – my birthday.  Go me! Go me! Go me!  While a part of me is stunned that my odometer is turning over to “certain” … Continue reading

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A Special Message

Today I won’t be doing a wordless Wednesday because today is a special day and I have a message and request for you.  Today would’ve been my mother’s 99th birthday (I was a late in life “bonus baby” or as … Continue reading

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