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The Birthday Girl and her Photo Project

I had this plan to get as many people as I could to pose with me for a birthday photo.  I was going to go up to people that I saw wherever I was in New York and proclaim “It’s … Continue reading

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Celebration time come on!

I’m taking some time off to celebrate a special day that is coming up this weekend – my birthday.  Go me! Go me! Go me!  While a part of me is stunned that my odometer is turning over to “certain” … Continue reading

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A Special Message

Today I won’t be doing a wordless Wednesday because today is a special day and I have a message and request for you.  Today would’ve been my mother’s 99th birthday (I was a late in life “bonus baby” or as … Continue reading

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Today is…

My birthday 🙂  I first and foremost give thanks that I have been blessed to see another day – another year – and to go about having as much fun as I can get away with today.  The celebration will … Continue reading

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I miss you

I Miss You Even though you’ve been gone for over 2 years now you are still missed. The pangs of loss have lessened with the passing of time but you were gone a long time before you physically left this … Continue reading

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It’s the weekend – let the weirdness begin!

Ok, so it’s the weekend what’s this about the weirdness? Heck if I know! I’m just feeling all weird around the edges because next week four days apart are two very special days for two very special people in my … Continue reading

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Today it’s his birthday :)

Sometimes when I am on the phone and I hear it buzz indicating there is another phone call coming in I will look at it and say “Ehhhh, I’ll call them back” and continue on with my current conversation.  But … Continue reading

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