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Has done a Vivian Maier selfie – well, almost everyone perhaps.  Here is my take on it with a side of E.E. Cummings.



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Zebra Palm King

In black and white; original color photo here.  While butterflies normally – because of their beautiful colors – do not convert very well to monochrome, occasionally you may find one that does look fantastic in monochrome because of it’s colors and patterns.  In this case it didn’t hurt that the tree branch it was on was just full of texture which I think compliments the image.



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Perfectly Imperfect

In photography we all strive to get the shot as perfect as possible and many times we do.  The colors are right, the composition is spot on, the clarity is ideal and so on.  But there are times (and whether we want to admit it or not sometimes many times) when we flub.  Out of focus, motion blur when we weren’t going for blur, too much noise, over exposed or under exposed… we’ve all got those war stories to tell.  But what if even though the image didn’t turn out the way we had originally planned it still is a nice image in it’s own imperfect way?

Such is the case here.  The lighting conditions were all over the place in the butterfly wonderland.  Some butterflies were in direct (and a bit harsh) light, others where in the shadows and some where in partial sun and shade.  Options were to adjust my settings for each area I was in and possibly risk missing a shot since butterflies tend to get a bit impatient or to set my camera to aperture priority only changing that setting based upon where and what I was shooting letting the camera do the rest of the thinking.

That worked for me the majority of the time but not always I’m afraid.  In this case I hadn’t changed my settings from the prior butterfly to accommodate this one (shame on me; I turned around and there it was so I just went for it) who was moving his wings fairly quickly.  The shutter speed was too slow for this Paper Kite butterfly resulting in my focal point being not where I wanted it and the image not being as sharp as I wanted it around his head.  Even when I do my best to hold perfectly still I never really am… wiggle happens.

I was disappointed that the image didn’t come out the way I wanted it to but I came to like it anyway because of the composition and colors; imperfections and all.  What’s your thoughts on this and which version do you like – monochrome or color?

paperkite4807-edit-2 paperkite4807-edit


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The White Morpho

When I first entered the beautiful (and quite humid) area where all of the butterflies and moths were, my eyes were drawn to these butterflies that looked like pieces of white tissue paper fluttering in the air.



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Atlas Shrugged

Well she (we were told this was a she) may have after her wings dried.  This is Miss Attacus Atlas a very big moth that had just recently emerged from her cocoon when we arrived at the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The Butterfly Wonderland is billed as America’s largest butterfly conservatory and unless you are a little (or big) kid that is afraid of insects or things flying around you and sometimes landing on you – this is a great spot to visit.  There were so many of them that one had to be careful where you stepped or sat sometimes.

I will be sharing with you the lovelies that I encountered there and I will be asking for identification of some of them from you experts out there 🙂  This image was shot through glass and I have increased the detail and contrast of it in editing to emphasize the details of the moth.


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Feeling prickly on Monday?

This group in the Usery Mountain Regional Park in Mesa, Arizona is prickly 24/7/365   😉



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A remnant from it’s mining past at the Superstition Mountain Museum.


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