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Boston Public Garden People Watching

Photos were taken August 2013 around the pond in the public garden where the swans, swan boats, ducks, and tourists abound 🙂

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Wherever I go I try to find you…

If you know me then you know I am all about turtles!  Have had them off and on since I was a child with the sizes ranging from tiny cookie sized turtles up to my beloved Booby who used to belong to my late sister.  I no longer have any live turtles but I have plenty of other turtle things. Such as jewelry, tattoos, statues, paintings, ornaments and more – it’s my spirit animal I truly believe.  I’ve been packing them all up to get ready to move them to their new home.  Phew!

This cutie was found with a rascally rabbit in Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts a summer or two ago.

Copley Sq Turtle8311


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Sunday Humor – What’s a Smoot?

When we were visiting DH’s old haunts in Boston one of the things he wanted to show me had to do with those wild and crazy kids from MIT (of which he is one – explains a few things I’d say but don’t tell him I said that).  On the Harvard bridge you will see these marks of “measurement” which involve a fraternity pledging prank.

The prank involved the frat boys using one Oliver R. Smoot as the measuring stick to measure the bridge.  He layed on the bridge from Boston to Cambridge, Mass. with his frat brothers marking off his then height of 5’7″ to measure the length.  The Smoot is a “nonstandard unit of length” with the “plus or minus” intended to express uncertainty of measurement.  This prank took place in 1958  but the marks are repainted each semester by the incoming associate member class (similar to pledge class) of Lambda Chi Alpha – the fraternity.

Google also uses the smoot as an optional unit of measurement in their Google Earth software and Google Maps distance measurement tool.  Cool!

(To see my post about Father’s Day and caregiving please visit my other blog here  Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads)


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Monochrome Monday – My winning entry

Let me first say thank you so very much to all of you who posted get well comments.  They made me smile at a time when I was really feeling down.  Mentioning how I’m feeling…still far from back to my old self 😦  My days seem to be spent trying to breath comfortably, being very tired and dozing off,  foggy headedness and taking medication.  I am not a fan of the “P” word when it comes to waiting to go from sick to un-sick.  But enough of me this post is about me! lol

Friday was the exhibit of the chosen photos for Midwest Photo Exchanges Print the Street photography local photographers show.  DH drove me there and with husky voice and all I smiled next to my photo as well as admired the others works and even saw a few old photographer friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.  This photo was taken with my phone and I wanted to share it with you while I had a bit of energy going.  I’ve featured this image before here in color.


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Church Dome

Have you ever found yourself looking at some old architecture be it still in use or abandoned and wondered “How did they build this?”  That is something I do quite a lot when looking at structures; how did they build this considering they didn’t have all of the modern techniques we have now.  Truth be told, many of the old ways of building have and are outlasting these new ones and all of their modern this that and the other.

The older buildings have much more “soul” to me than the modern ones as well.  This church dome was captured in 2013 during our Boston trip.  There is a tall tower next to this dome and that really was what I was focusing on but I chose to crop the image to feature just this magnificent ornate dome.  I never even noticed it until I was looking through my things while backing up files – still!  I know it’s not Trinity Church but other than that I haven’t a clue.

Anyone know what church this is?  I’m pretty sure it was around Copley Square.


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WPC for Wordless Wednesday – Afloat


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Copley Square – Then and Now

Seriously! Give it a rest why don’t you winter!!!  Enough! Cold, snow, wind chills, more snow and then more snow on top of that!  I’m thankful that while it’s been awfully cold here in Ohio we have not had to suffer with Snowmaggedon like in the northeast.  I saw a photo online the other day of them scaling “mountains” of snow at MIT in Cambridge, Mass and some guy playing golf on a mound of snow in Copley Square…so I decided to do a then and now post.  Winter bites!


August 2013





February 2015

Image from

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