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It’s in the details

A few cars of today have some very nice details but nothing compared to the classics and this 1929 Buick had plenty of details to spare.  These are real wood spokes.  I spent some time between this car and it’s almost twin parked next to it at the auto show.  The gentlemen were friends and each had a 1929 Buick to restore but as my title states, it’s in the details.  They pointed out to me what made each car just a bit different.  Will share that with you later…

29BuickWheel0412-Edit copy

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A Top 100 Cruise-In Winner – 1957 Buick Special

The Buick Special was an automobile produced by Buick. It was usually Buick’s lowest-priced model, starting out as a full-size car in 1936 and returning in 1961 (after a two-year hiatus) as a mid-size.  Halfway into the 1949 model year, the Specials received all-new bodywork, the first fully postwar design for the series. New was also the 40D-series, a better equipped version called the Special DeLuxe.[10] The engine remained the 248 cu in (4.1 L) which had been used since 1937, but for 1951 this was replaced by the larger “Fireball” straight-eight. A two-door hardtop coupe was also new for 1951.[11] The 1954 Specials had an all-new body and chassis, much wider and lower, and were now equipped with the all-new, more powerful “Nailhead” V8 engines.[12]

Introduced in the middle of the 1955 model year the four-door Buick Special Riviera (along with the Century Riviera, the Oldsmobile 98 Holiday, and the 88 Holiday) were the first four-door pillarless hardtops ever produced. By then, the Buick Special was one of America’s best selling automotive series. For 1956 the larger 322 cu in (5.3 L) V8 engine was shared with the rest of the range, although it was replaced by the bigger, 250 hp (186 kW) 364 V8 for 1957. This year also brought all-new bodywork, as well as a four-door hardtop station wagon called the Buick Caballero.[13] The 1957 wheelbase remained 122 inches.[14] In the June, 1957 issue of Popular Mechanics, the Special was rated with a 0-60 mph time of 11.6 seconds, fuel economy of 17.4 mpg-US (13.5 L/100 km; 20.9 mpg-imp) at 50 mph (80 km/h), and ground clearance of 6.9 in (175 mm).[15] 1958 brought the most chrome yet and twin headlights, as the car grew longer and wider, albeit on an unchanged chassis.

1949-1957 Buick Specials had three VentiPorts while more senior Buicks, with the exception of the Buick Super (which switched from three to four in 1955), had four. Earlier versions had a “Sweepspear” inspired character line alongside the body, while later versions had the “Sweepspear” moulding attached to the side of all models. GM renamed the Buick Special the LeSabre for the 1959 model year, taking the name from the 1951 Le Sabre concept car.[16]  Wikipedia


This beautiful blue ’57 Buick Special was one of the winners of the “six foot” top 100 trophies.  The proud owners are Dan and Renessa Coleman of Columbus, Ohio who put a lot of work and love into restoring this auto to it’s beautiful original condition and it was so pristine!  Then something caught my eye while looking at the front of the vehicle.  I knew what they were from having watched many an auto show but this was the first time I had ever seen them in real time – curb feelers! How cool is that?  Congrats on your win, Mr. Coleman.

(Click on images to view larger)

57Buick0358-Edit copy 57Buick0360-Edit copy 57Buick0363-Edit copy 57Buick0365-Edit copy 57Buick0366-Edit copy 57Buick0369-Edit copy 57Buick0371-Editcrp copy

Now how did she get in here?  I believe this was when she was asking how he was going to get that big trophy home.

Winner02462 copy

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A 1967 Morgan Plus 4

Chrome converts so well to black and white anyway but when the car itself is silver, well it just gets even better!  According to the owner everything in the car was original except for a radio he installed.  He said he needed to have something to listen to while driving although with the engine noise and all he had to turn it up quite a bit.

67Morgan0711-Editbw copy

I guess you could say this is Monochrome Monday with a dash of color since I’m sharing the color photos of this Morgan today also.

Morgan0711-Edit-2 copy Morgan0697-Edit copy Morgan0701-Edit copy

Morgan0702-Edit copy


(This was the 34th annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Car Show and Cruise-In held in the city of Dublin, Ohio.  It is one of the largest classic car shows in the midwest with 1500+ cars in attendance.  All proceeds from the show benefit The Arthritis Foundation Great Lakes Region.  Various awards are given for different classes with a big one being the competition for the 100 “six foot” trophies at the cruise-in for Top 100 across all makes.  I will be sharing one of those winners and it’s proud owner with you tomorrow.)

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1966 Batmobile

There was a Replica, Tribute and Kit class in the car show and look what was there.  Not the original but a very good replica; gotta love the license plate on it.   Na na na na na na na na….BATMAN!


Batmobile0325-Edit copy Batmobile0326-Edit copy Batmobile0329-Edit copy Batmobile0330-Edit copy

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1957 BMW Isetta 300

The weather was great today and so was the car show.  Much more coming up…


57BMWIsetta0518-Edit copy

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A 1940 straight out of a Jimmy Cagney gangster movie Cadillac Fleetwood

40Caddy4606-Edit copy 40Caddy4600-Edit copy



And a very classy 1931 Cadillac

31Caddy4617-Edit copy 31Caddy4619-Edit copy

I don’t know what they use to clean and polish their cars but it must be an amazing product; I’ve never been able to get mine this shiny!  The weather forecast is currently giving me a thumbs up for this years car show tomorrow even though last night we had close to monsoon rains…fingers crossed 🙂

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Heavy Metal – 1940’s Buick Eights


Buick84545-Edit copy Buick84546-Edit copy Buick84557-Edit copy Buick84578-Edit copy

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