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What is love?

Is it really one of those philosophical metaphysical questions or is it really simple when you don’t try to quantify it too stringently?  This week our home has been “invaded” by a horde I call my family.  Also known as … Continue reading

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The children of the Urban Scrawl

Whenever I cover an event and I see parents with their children I smile.  Even when they are cutting up or bawling away I see my past as a mother, my present as a Nana, and the future of humanity … Continue reading

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At what age did we lose the ability to be exuberant without the fear of what others would think of us?  When did we stop being wonderfully expressive in our joy without a care in the world?  We’ve become adults … Continue reading

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The children of cosplay

I’m not quite sure how many of these little ones fully understood what was going on; if their parents just put them in costumes or if they took the event as just a fun day to wear a costume that … Continue reading

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Little Ladies at the Street Market and Street Photography

Three times a year a local town has it’s street market where all of the local shops throw open their doors and display their wares outside and inside for shoppers to peruse.  Other local crafts people – and food trucks … Continue reading

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Adorable zombies and their parents

Can a zombie be adorable?  Anyway, this event brought out the little zombies and their families with them ranging in size from those who ate pureed brains, to little ones on leashes and in strollers, and of course – those … Continue reading

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Can you go home again?

Well that all depends on where your home is and if there is anything there for you to go to.  Home is where you are but your hometown is usually where you were born…but even that is subject to discussion.  … Continue reading

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A little guy in a sea of women

Recently I covered a Spring fashion show (see prior post link) which was attended by mostly women.  I say mostly because there were a few men there off in the distance waiting for their ladies to be finished so they … Continue reading

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The Farm comes to the little ones @Whole Foods Market

We went to Staples to get some office supplies when we heard some music being played loudly.  “Wow! That person really has their car blasting” was my first thought until I recognized it was live music coming from the local … Continue reading

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Run off that soda pop, 7! (final chapter)

Walking away from  the world of Coke with our intrepid 7 year old  sloshing from all the pop he had gulped down, we saw two play grounds in the park across the street.  Centennial Park has two play areas, one … Continue reading

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