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I’ve forgotten why we had wandered up to this part of Southbeach but I found this to be an interesting building.  I wasn’t sure at first what it was until we crossed the street and found that it was a very expensive steak restaurant.  For the prices they were charging I sure hope the meat was quality… too rich for us but they did have some fantastic offerings.

This side of the building (not including the traffic cone) had a great island vibe to it.  Which version speaks to you?

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Color and Monochrome – Why they both work

Yesterday I featured this tulip in black and white and today I will compare it to it’s original color version.  In my opinion, both images stand well on their own “stems” (pun very much intended) for similar and different reasons.  With a color image the eye immediately takes notice of the colors – the white, yellow, pink and then green.  From there you begin to take in the entire image; the shape of the tulips petals, how they are arranges and the patterns in the petals.  I’ve found that while my eyes do notice the colors and the striations on the petals, I am drawn right to the center of the tulip by the leading color lines of the petals.  But what about the monochrome version?

In black and white, the eye is still drawn to the shape of the tulip and it’s petals and they do lead your eye right to the center of it but there are differences.  Obviously there is lack of color to attract you but that is replaced by the shadows and the contrasts; the darks and lights in the image.  What stands out more in this image than the color are the details of the tulip.  In monochrome the the variegation and the middle line in each petal revealed better.  Also the textures of the stigma, pistil, anthers etc. really stand out in monochrome as compared to color.  The texture of the anthers (those black stick like parts) really pop in black and white.  Viewing them close up in this version they remind me of used coffee grounds.

As stated early in this post, they are both good images for similar and different reasons.  Can you think of any other ways that they are the same or different?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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A 1967 Morgan Plus 4

Chrome converts so well to black and white anyway but when the car itself is silver, well it just gets even better!  According to the owner everything in the car was original except for a radio he installed.  He said he needed to have something to listen to while driving although with the engine noise and all he had to turn it up quite a bit.

67Morgan0711-Editbw copy

I guess you could say this is Monochrome Monday with a dash of color since I’m sharing the color photos of this Morgan today also.

Morgan0711-Edit-2 copy Morgan0697-Edit copy Morgan0701-Edit copy

Morgan0702-Edit copy


(This was the 34th annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Car Show and Cruise-In held in the city of Dublin, Ohio.  It is one of the largest classic car shows in the midwest with 1500+ cars in attendance.  All proceeds from the show benefit The Arthritis Foundation Great Lakes Region.  Various awards are given for different classes with a big one being the competition for the 100 “six foot” trophies at the cruise-in for Top 100 across all makes.  I will be sharing one of those winners and it’s proud owner with you tomorrow.)

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Hello little guy…

The other day while at my friendly neighborhood BDubs a regular of the restaurant brought in his little ones for dinner.  The youngest one walked right up to this server, who apparently is his favorite, and wanted to be picked up.  They high fived each other and a great conversation ensued between server and two year old.  He told me he was two but I seem to have lost my ability to understand the language of twos and had to be told his age by the adult.

Fortunately I just happened to have my camera with me at the time.  He didn’t know what to make of the camera so I couldn’t get a smile out of him but isn’t he a cutie?  It was dark in the restaurant and I didn’t have my flash with me which meant I had to open the lens to it’s widest aperture in order to get enough light.  That meant that the grain and noise in the image (even with noise reduction in editing) is super high.  I didn’t want to reduce the noise too much because that just made the image so dull and flat so the image is as it is.  I decided to process the image in b&w as I don’t often get to do that with humans especially to see how the grain would look in the image.

I’m not sure what it is but the b&w image is my favorite for some reason.  It just seems so classic to me; it draws me right into his little face without the “distraction” of the color.  What do you think?

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BWW2390-Edit BBW2390-Editbw


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With or without you…

The you being color.  In the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas they have a Chihuly glass flower display in the ceiling right outside of the front desks.  Sometimes that area can be a zoo as there are those trying to check in, check out and check out the ceiling.  I’ve seen so many of Chihuly’s glass works but this one has always been my favorite.  But I decided to not only share this image with you in color but to show you how “different” it looks in black and white.

While I personally prefer the original bright colors, the monochrome one has a certain something about it as well.  Just can’t quite put the finger on it at the moment.

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Chil0686-EditCEP Chil0686-EditSE

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Product Placement and You Choose

I happened to land on this image while doing some housekeeping in my Lightroom folder; I named it “Product Placement” for obvious reasons.   After editing the color version I wanted to see how it would look in black and white.  Both images have their merits and can stand alone well but I couldn’t quite decide which “child” was my favorite.  I am leaning towards the monochrome version because of the tones and details but neither is a clear winner for me yet; then again does there have to be one 😉

So I am asking you, dear readers, to vote on which one you prefer.  Please leave a comment as to why if you wish as well.  I enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks – Teri

Office Depot 7755 bw Office Depot 7755 color


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Cathedral Rock Revisited – Black and White or Color?

Still reworking some old photos.  This one is one of the views of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona taken in May 2013.  I’m pleased with both versions but there is just that certain something about monochrome that really brings out and emphasizes the details in some images like this one.

Cathedral rock5663-Edit-2a Cathedral rock5663-EditBW

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