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Mountains and Cowboys

My friend, Ingrid, over at Live Laugh RV has been doing weekly photo themes recently.  Her most recent one was black and white and as she is out in Arizona I decided to post one of my favorite shots from … Continue reading

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I’ve forgotten why we had wandered up to this part of Southbeach but I found this to be an interesting building.  I wasn’t sure at first what it was until we crossed the street and found that it was a … Continue reading

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Color and Monochrome – Why they both work

Yesterday I featured this tulip in black and white and today I will compare it to it’s original color version.  In my opinion, both images stand well on their own “stems” (pun very much intended) for similar and different reasons.  … Continue reading

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A 1967 Morgan Plus 4

Chrome converts so well to black and white anyway but when the car itself is silver, well it just gets even better!  According to the owner everything in the car was original except for a radio he installed.  He said … Continue reading

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Hello little guy…

The other day while at my friendly neighborhood BDubs a regular of the restaurant brought in his little ones for dinner.  The youngest one walked right up to this server, who apparently is his favorite, and wanted to be picked … Continue reading

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With or without you…

The you being color.  In the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas they have a Chihuly glass flower display in the ceiling right outside of the front desks.  Sometimes that area can be a zoo as there are those … Continue reading

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Product Placement and You Choose

I happened to land on this image while doing some housekeeping in my Lightroom folder; I named it “Product Placement” for obvious reasons.   After editing the color version I wanted to see how it would look in black and … Continue reading

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