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Arrrr Matey! I’ve been around a lot of hot air



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Best Little Oar House in Maine

I didn’t come up with that!  It’s written on a couple of oars on the side of this building at the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound in Maine.



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On The Hill

Many of the old homes and buildings in the area had been re-purposed into businesses but even with modern window air conditioning units hanging from old windows, the trash bins out front and all of the signs stating legal and family therapy services, the building were still charming and colorful.  I wonder if they were this colorful when they were first built though?

By the way, the street name is The Hill.


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One night in Times Square – Colorful

Times Square alone is very colorful with all of the huge signs, store fronts and changing billboards but the humans milling around in it get pretty colorful too.  In one square block you can see anything from the sad condition of someone homeless to suits, purses and shoes that are very high end.  And because NYC attracts visitors from around the globe, you are bound to see someone in the traditional dress of their country.  I stood next to a Japanese woman one night in a traditional kimono and this night this beautiful pink and green sari caught my eye.

This is a colorful shot also with the man in the shop being surrounded by brightly colored things for sale…but if you notice both of them are in their own worlds doing what they’re doing.


ONITSXU9A7761-Edit copy

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Macro Class – The Tentacles



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Macro Class

I belong to a Meetup group here in Ohio that is a great bunch of photographers with all levels of skill and all kinds of equipment.  We meet each month with a different topic to discuss and possibly shoot.  This last weekend the topic was macro photography.  You know THAT caught my eye.  There were several stations with various props and ways to do it.  There were bellows, magnifying rings, soft boxes, extension tubes and ring lights; so tempted to get one of those!

We experimented with water drop photos, toys, mirrors, flowers, bugs (not living ones) and this thing here.  Not quite sure what you call it but it was so colorful that I gravitated right to it.

MacroBall6584-Edit copy

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Signs of the fall

While we haven’t come near peak conditions for fall foliage here yet, I have seen some trees – especially maples – begin to change.  Maples and ginko trees are my favorites for fall colors because their leaves turn such beautiful and vibrant yellows, reds and oranges.  Here are a few images from past falls; I hope to be ambulatory enough to get out there very soon to capture this years signs.

Hope your weekend is colorful…


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