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Oncidium Wildcat ‘Yellow’

I’ve often come upon a species of butterfly that I’ve never seen before when I visit butterfly exhibits but not so much with orchids.  I’m starting to get the hang of the names of the orchids when their show returns here each year.   So far I haven’t been surprised by any new ones but that could change – I hope so.



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Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Her name is Rugelda and we shall see her beauty in color tomorrow.

Rugelda9495-EditSEP copy

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Wall Art of the Short North

Columbus, Ohio has a very vibrant (pun not intended) art community which you can easily view by walking along High Street in the Short North area.  Some of the art has been up for awhile while others change; some art is permanently painted on the old bricks while most are, I think, vinyl pieces which are applied and then later removed.  I always look forward to seeing the works of these amazing artists.

Have a wonderful weekend!


PinappleBunny8245-Edit copy Stripes8249-Edit copy OldTimers8250-Edit copy Midas8254-Edit copy

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Wizardworld Columbus Comic-Con

I came! I saw! I cosplayed.  I met a hero of mine and there were a lot of mugs filled with root beer (see Beast Boy below chugging)  I guess you could say I had some fun. But things were also very different.  I’ll elaborate on that tomorrow.

For those of you not into the characters they are – Deadpools, Beast boy and Raven from Teen Titans, and the 4th Doctors from Doctor Who with K9

Deadpool2W RavenBeastiesqW  DoctorsK9



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Citizens of #Cbus – Saturday in the park

Goodale Park in Columbus is a great city park with so much personality.  Let there be a nice day and you will find it populated with so many people from babies -and fur babies – to seniors all just enjoying life and this spring day with everything blooming was ideal.

Some more tips for street photography:  When you want to just capture a scene as it is naturally occurring without being noticed (sometimes that is) you can shoot the subjects from a distance, as they walk past you, or hold your camera as if you aren’t taking any photos and shoot from the hip so to speak.

Girlfriends8269-Edit copy




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Citizens of #Cbus – Who let the dogs out?

Babies and dogs – they are my two weaknesses when it comes to street photography and the two I find easiest to do.  When approaching someone with their child I don’t come at them with camera at the ready, it is usually hanging on it’s strap or I’m holding it down.  I will start a conversation with the parent first about their little one while I talk or coo at it and then I work in the may I photograph their child request.  If they say no I walk away end of story.  With dogs it’s so much easier; humans love having their furbaby photographed.  I’ve found that some dogs are so used to having their pictures taken by their human that they will actually strike a pose when I come up to them with my camera like this cute Pomeranian did.

I was so busy playing with her, I forgot to ask what was her name but she was a diva the way she worked the camera.

Pom8278-Edit copy Pom8279-Edit copy Pom8280-Edit copy




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Citizens of #Cbus – Born to be wild

Street photography subject matter can be found almost anywhere there are streets but some streets just have more to offer than others.  In this case, on High Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio, the weather was warm and sunny with temps in the upper 70’s – everyone was out!  These two were having a conversation about their bikes with one being a BMW and the other a Harley.  From the look of the one guys pose it must have been an interesting conversation.  BTW – We will ignore the Enterprise behind them for the moment.

Street photography tip – if there is an area where you know or see that something is going on (a protest, a festival, day in the park, etc.) or there are a lot of people around like here on a busy street, find a place to comfortably position yourself and wait… opportunities will happen.


Bikers8240-Edit copy

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