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Gallery Show

Guess who has a photo in a local art gallery?  It’s called “The Great Portrait Show” and I have one piece in it.  It’s the photo of the blonde in the gold sequin dress to the left of the black … Continue reading

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Orchid Show #3

I’m not sure if these are Miltonias,  Oncidiums, both or maybe an entirely different species.  I’m not sure but what I do know is that I look forward to this orchid show every year.  By the way, if you do … Continue reading

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Orchid Show #2

Here we have the Cymbidiums or boat orchids.  I’m rather fond of these orchids as they look a bit comical to me; as if little space aliens are screaming their heads off.  Well… that’s how they look to me. Have … Continue reading

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Orchid Show #1

The phalaenopsis orchid may be the most popular and well recognized species of orchid; at least I think so.  When someone has an orchid plant in their home or office this is usually the one they have and you can … Continue reading

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The annual orchid show is back!

Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid. Teri  📷 ( By the way, the current temperature as I type this here in central Ohio is -1 F and dropping.  Curse you polar vortex!)

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Highball Halloween 2018 – Music

This past weekend Columbus, Ohio hosted the nation’s fiercest and most elaborate costume party.  Costumes ranged from those you can purchase at a local Halloween shop  all the way up to couture ensembles.  There were food trucks, drink trucks, karaoke, … Continue reading

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Pongo is the scientific name of the species of great apes known as the orangutan.  There are three species of pongos and they are found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.  Sadly the wild population is threatened by … Continue reading

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