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While all around them the “hoomans” were enjoying their 4th of July Doo Dah celebrations in the park, this mallard family swam contentedly in the pond. Mr. and Mrs. Mallard kept a watchful eye on Junior who had the tendency … Continue reading

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After the rain has fallen

On the lotus pond. By the way… the rain is still falling. Perhaps I should give it the GPS coordinates for areas that are in need of it? Have a great weekend everyone. Teri

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Hummingbird Moth in the Bee Balm

Teri 📷

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Doo Dah Parade Doggies

Teri 🐶 📷

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They’re Back!

The Butterflies and Blooms exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus, Ohio is back! To see more of these beauties please visit my other blog, What’s Happening Ohio here. Isn’t that tongue amazing? Teri 📷 🦋

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This Old House V.2

Anyone recognize what style or perhaps era this house was built in? And which version do you prefer, color or monochrome? Teri 📷

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Wildlife Photography Practice

This week I attended an online Wildlife Photography Conference that I found to be very informative.  One of the classes was about practicing photographing animals at the zoo first before heading out into the wild.  In a nutshell the instructor … Continue reading

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Lion, no tigers and bears…

Oh my!  The tigers were napping behind a tree with no vantage point for a photo.  A somewhat positive thing you can say for zoos (besides protecting and in some instances re-establishing some endangered species) is that you can get … Continue reading

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Let’s go to the zoo

I grew up visiting the St. Louis Zoo; Marlin Perkins and Wild Kingdom television and all.  I’ve also visited the National Zoo in Washington, D.C, but after awhile I didn’t like visiting zoos as I felt “sorry” for the animals.  … Continue reading

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Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – Preview

It was a wild ride to the Arnold Sports Festival ( I did not get a chance to see the Arnold) but come on over to What’s Happening Ohio to see a preview of my day at the event. Like, … Continue reading

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