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Comfest 2017 – Music

There were three large stages set up and one tent.  I think there may have been a couple of others scattered in the park somewhere but I didn’t get to them and of course there were the solo acts doing their thing as well.  I didn’t get any of the groups names but there definitely was some dancing to the music going on.



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Comfest 2017 – More People

More people, more ink and piercings, more fashion and of course… more fun.


I was busted on this one.  It’s like she sensed my presence and decided to turn her head just as I raised my camera.  I gave her a smile, waved and walked away.




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Food at the Fest

You just cannot have hundreds and hundreds of people gathered to have fun without food and drink.  There were so many options to choose from ranging from the traditional fair food to more unique offerings.  We all know that corn dogs are one of the most traditional foods found at events like this but never have I seen it offered from a pink castle and dragon.

Of course there was beer and here is a view from the main food street.  Fried Swiss cheese, hmm.

Food trucks parked inside of the park were offering goodies like Ribman here; wish I had gone back to get something from them because they had some goodies on their menu I haven’t had in a long time.

And then there was the well known (and well patronized by students from OSU for one) pizza from Late Night Slice.  Gotta love the slogan on the truck 😉

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Street Photography: Do you ever imagine…

When doing street photography there are several ways to go about capturing your subject.  Of course there is the stealth or ‘ninja’ mode which in and of itself has various ways of getting the shot.  You can shoot from the hip, pretend as if you are shooting something near your true subject or just take the shot quickly without being noticed; in, shoot and gone.  You can also just ask the person if they mind having their photo taken which can sometimes lead to an interesting conversation that may enhance your image.  Some may feel that interacting with those you see through the viewfinder doesn’t subscribe to the ideal of street photography but as we all know, everyone has their own opinion about what is what and in the end it’s all about you capturing the image you want.

But sometimes when shooting someone unaware, do you ever wonder what it is they are thinking about?  Or after you view an image later do you find yourself tempted to give the photo a caption (humorous or not) based upon how you interpret the image; create your own cartoon speech bubble so to speak?  My imagination was racing with this image because there is so much fodder for filling in the blanks.  Everyone in this image appears to be in their own world even if they are sitting next to each other except for the two ladies in the middle who are discussing something from the Comfest program.


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Comfest 2017 – The People

Comfest is known for being very accepting of everyone no matter who you are or what you wear…or don’t wear.  The attire worn ranged from very little to very interesting and all points in between.  That included lots and lots of piercings, tattoos and one young lady with a great smile who had fangs.   The future hippie here is due to arrive in August 🙂




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Comfest 2017

Today we finally made it to Comfest after many years of it almost always getting rained but today – unlike yesterday where it absolutely poured – was wonderful.  The weather could not have been more perfect for the event; sunny with a slight breeze and the temperature being in the 70’s.  But what is Comfest you may be asking?

ComFest (officially Community Festival) is a large, free, non-corporate, volunteer-driven, music and arts annual festival currently held the last full weekend in June at Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio.  Dr.  Lincoln Goodale, prominent and charitable pioneer, and the community’s first physician in his later years donated the 40 acre site July 14, 1851 to be forever kept as a public park or pleasure resort for the inhabitants of City. If appropriated for any other use or purpose, park is to revert to heirs of Lincoln Goodale..

The park was host to loads of happy people, dogs, bands, vendors selling just about anything you could ever want, food and of course beer.  I mean after all, it’s not really a street festival in summer without beer now is it?  But there was also wine, soda pop, bottled water, snow cones and lemonade.  This young lady was celebrating her 21st birthday today at the fest and as her friend could be saying – a toast to you on your birthday!  The food stand they are in front of belongs to Schmidt’s restaurant.  Trust me on this one when I say their cream puffs are huge and so tasty.  Don’t get me started about their sausages though… oh yes!

I will be sharing more from Comfest with you in the next few days.


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Cosplayers and there are always those evil clowns!

Cosplayers and cosplaying can range from just wearing something simple as a shirt and pants worn by a character in a movie, cartoon, etc. all the way up to people who build their costume and accessories from the ground up.  The idea, in my opinion, is to enjoy doing it no matter what you choose to do or be; how deep into it you may get.  I admire the ones that go hard into their character as in full body painting or heavy costuming but I get squeamish at the ones who can do the wild contacts that change their eyes.  That’s got to hurt!

Our cosplay heroes here are: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, Ghostbusters, no idea but very cool, and those darn evil clowns!


Daryl02726 copy   GhostBusters02722 EvilShe02719 EvilClowns02747

How did she get in here?


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