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Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – A Couple of Powerful Guys

Perhaps you have heard of the Arnold Strongman competition where these really strong guys compete to win the title of Strongman by doing things like carrying the Husafell Stone, lifting the Dinnie Stones, pushing the wheel of pain (if you … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality Mural

What is 107 feet tall, covers 11,00 square feet and is here in Columbus, Ohio? ¬† Read all about it at What’s Happening Ohio. Teri ūüď∑    

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Last of the orchids

Let me rephrase that, last of the orchids from my one visit to the orchid show.¬† I’m pretty sure that I will be going back… well I hope I will anyway. Enjoy! Teri ūüď∑    

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Two Toned Anthurium

Besides the annual orchid exhibit (and the butterflies coming in March) there are year round plants at the Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus, Ohio.¬† I’ve always seen the solid red anthuriums there but this year they pulled a fast … Continue reading

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Phalaenospsis Orchids

“Phalaenopsis¬†/ňĆf√¶l…™ňąn…íps…™s/¬†Blume¬†(1825), commonly known as¬†moth orchids,[2]¬†is a¬†genus¬†of about seventy species of orchids in the¬†family¬†orchid. Orchids in this genus are¬†monopodial¬†epiphytes¬†or¬†lithophytes¬†with long, coarse roots, short, leafy stems and long-lasting, flat flowers arranged in a flowering stem that often branches near the end. Orchids … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Captive Cypripedium (Lady Slipper)

Teri ūüď∑

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The return of the orchids

If it’s January then it means besides being cold and grey outside (although just the other day it was sunny and upper 60’s) it’s time for the annual Franklin Park Conservatory orchid show here in Columbus, Ohio.¬†¬†The show just opened … Continue reading

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Street portraits and street photography – The homeless

In my previous post I mentioned not wanting to photograph people who are at a low point and being careful with photographing the homeless.¬† Here are some examples where I endeavored to show that even though they were out on … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween and Dia de Muertos

From my friends (I really do know them), Mr. and Mrs. Rot.¬† Even death cannot not part them. Teri¬†¬†ūüď∑  

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What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Just a few of the creative denizens from Highball Halloween here in Columbus, Ohio. Teri¬†¬†ūüď∑ Sweet dreams are made of this… – Annie Lennox Who’s a cute furrie? Ummmm…. no shining for me tonight, thank you! Little Red, Big Bad … Continue reading

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