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Monochrome Monday with these two…

These two being a Steampunk Mad Hatter (he made the gun and the power pack on his back himself – it’s fantastic!) and his friend the mysterious Victorian Lady Vampire who was sporting real fangs by the way…

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Mid Ohio Comic-Con Wrap Up

It was a fun event as always and I think I had more fun this time than I have in awhile.  Perhaps it was because of the added element of Halloween that made for some wilder costumes as well as … Continue reading

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La Catrina and some clown…

If you thought Ghost Face and Michael Myers were bad harassing me  (see previous post; here is my costume in color) then check out Harley Quinn here with some clown whose character name I’ve forgotten.  And if you are curious … Continue reading

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Monochrome Monday – Halloween Hijinks at the Comic-Con

Now how in the world did I get into the middle of Ghost Face and Michael Myers? Don’t worry! I survived without a single scratch 🙂

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I’m taking a picture of you having your picture taken by her

And if that wasn’t confusing enough, take a look at the image and it will all become clear.  I didn’t realize I was capturing a photo within a photo until it was up on the big monitor and I noticed … Continue reading

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The Streets of Philadelphia

Always something going on and even more so when there are big conventions in town.

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The children of cosplay

I’m not quite sure how many of these little ones fully understood what was going on; if their parents just put them in costumes or if they took the event as just a fun day to wear a costume that … Continue reading

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Harleys and Witches

When it comes to comic-cons and cosplay there are no set rules as to how you may portray a character.  Some people come to the cons in store bought costumes; others meticulously hand craft theirs (they are the ones who … Continue reading

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Cosplay the video game way

When attending a comic con you will find many different genres of characters: Steampunk, comic book characters, movie characters, popular television characters, original concepts, sci-fi, video games, anime and more.  A lot of these can and do crossover such as … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

No, I haven’t run any contests but this young lady did win one of the categories in the adult costume contest at the con.  She is the Starship Enterprise of Star Trek fame – how cool is that?  Her costume … Continue reading

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