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And books too.  When Dragoncon says they are multi-genre they mean it.  There was quite the variety of groups marching in the parade but these two were major hits with the crowd.  Many cosplayers make their own cosplays themselves sometimes taking months or even years and they are all proud to show their work and be photographed.  Street photography at this con is pretty easy but one of the rules is yes is yes and no means no!  When photographing an individual or a small group anywhere I would always, with a smile,  wave and call them by their character name.  That would get me a smile and a photo about 99% of the time.

If you watch HBO or have read the books then you know this group was the Game of Thrones cosplayers.  I hope that dragon Daenerys was carrying wasn’t too heavy.  But when this woman (who shows that you are never too old to cosplay) came by as Olenna with her sign (if you follow the show you know what it means) I and the group of ladies I was sitting with went wild screaming her name and bowing down to her.

Conversely, when this large group of handmaids from the Hulu series Handmaid’s Tale marched into view we were thrilled but also a bit uneasy.  When a cosplayer can elicit emotions to the crowds then they have achieved their goal I would say.  Now the T-Rex there, I haven’t a clue about what was going on but there were several of them and from what I could gather it seems to be an annual bit.  Who knows!  But I had one good laugh when I saw two of them trying to fight with their tiny arms.  I wish I had photographed that but we were in a camera restricted area at the time.


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Dragoncon 2017 – The Parade

According to Wikipedia:  Dragon Con (previously Dragon*Con and sometimes DragonCon) is a North America multigenre convention, founded in 1987, which takes place annually over the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2016, the convention draws attendance of over 77,000,[1] features hundreds of guests, encompasses five hotels in the Peachtree Center neighborhood of downtown Atlanta near Centennial Olympic Park, and runs thousands of hours of programming for fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and other elements of fan culture. It is operated by a private for-profit corporation, with the help of a 1,500-member volunteer staff. Dragon Con has hosted the 1990 Origins Game Fair and the 1995 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC).[3]  

Dragoncon, unlike some conventions with set hours each day, seemed to be pretty much 24hrs a day at all five of the host hotels.  There was always something to do be it see a celebrity panel, watch robots battle, learn how to make your own foam armor, play games, go to themed dances and more.  Of course part of that ‘more’ included thousands of people dressed as their favorite anime, cartoon, television, movie, and so forth character.  The big highlight of Dragoncon – which brings in attendees as well as locals – is the parade which shuts down a big part of downtown Atlanta as people line up along the streets, parking garages and anywhere else they can find to get a good view.

The parade starts at 10am but many had staked their claim along the parade route since before dawn; get there early or be prepared to stand behind a lot of people.  Fortunately I found a spot and wriggled my way to a place on the curb which was ideal for capturing all of the groups that were part of the parade.  As previously described, Dragoncon is a multi-genre convention and so is the parade.  Everyone cheered and waved at their favorite group and yelled for them to come closer for a picture.  The parade participants were especially nice to the children there; those little faces beamed when Spiderman or a Disney character would walk over to them and give them a high five.

The arrival of the dragons signified the beginning of the parade and as the saying goes, the crowd went wild!

The Grand Marshall and more from the parade next…



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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad and Meeting my Hero

This year I went back to my roots (blonde ones at that) of cosplay characters; from being nice last year to back to being a psychopath.  I’ve cosplayed Harley Quinn from the DC Comics universe before but this year I played her as a character that will be making her movie debut today.  The bonkers evil characters get to have more fun in my opinion.  For example, before the photo of me with Batman here, I tiptoed up behind him and threatened to whack him in the head with my bat.

Everyone watching had a good laugh but for Bats who, when he finally got a clue that I was behind him and turned around, stared at first and then smiled when I said “Hiya, Bats!” in my best imitation of the cartoon version of Harley Quinn.  In paying attention to detail, I put most of the movie characters tattoos on my legs, stomach and arm.  They are not real (well the two above my left ankle and one on my wrist are) but they are still being scrubbed off as of today.  Go hard or go home I say!

There were a few celebrities at the convention this year but none I wanted to meet more than Nichelle Nichols, aka. the first Nyota Uhura from the original Star Trek series.  It was an honor to meet and share a private joke with her about one of her infamous episodes 🙂


ArkhamTrio02723 copy Harley and Batman02707 copy Harleys02711

MeandUhura02740 copy



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Cosplayers and there are always those evil clowns!

Cosplayers and cosplaying can range from just wearing something simple as a shirt and pants worn by a character in a movie, cartoon, etc. all the way up to people who build their costume and accessories from the ground up.  The idea, in my opinion, is to enjoy doing it no matter what you choose to do or be; how deep into it you may get.  I admire the ones that go hard into their character as in full body painting or heavy costuming but I get squeamish at the ones who can do the wild contacts that change their eyes.  That’s got to hurt!

Our cosplay heroes here are: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, Ghostbusters, no idea but very cool, and those darn evil clowns!


Daryl02726 copy   GhostBusters02722 EvilShe02719 EvilClowns02747

How did she get in here?


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Wizardworld Columbus Comic-Con

I came! I saw! I cosplayed.  I met a hero of mine and there were a lot of mugs filled with root beer (see Beast Boy below chugging)  I guess you could say I had some fun. But things were also very different.  I’ll elaborate on that tomorrow.

For those of you not into the characters they are – Deadpools, Beast boy and Raven from Teen Titans, and the 4th Doctors from Doctor Who with K9

Deadpool2W RavenBeastiesqW  DoctorsK9



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You will find a myriad of costumes at any comic-con which will range from those who just went to a costume store and picked up an outfit to those whose dedication and skills are astounding in the final creation they will eventually wear.  To assist future cosplay makings they also have sessions at the cons where you can learn how to make your own costumes complete with armor, masks, weapons and more .  I’ve seen huge wings that have actually unfolded, body paint and makeup out of this world (I salute the ones who can wear the wild contact lens), hand made armor and masks, fangs and more.

As one who has done full face makeup I can testify that it takes a lot of time and skill to get it right and a ton of cold cream to get it off! You can always tell what character or movie is trending by the number of cosplayers dressed as them.  This con seemed to have a lot of Deadpools I suppose in anticipation of his movie coming out in February.  In the cosplay community we get to know and support one another and trade tips on how to create things; a great group of men and women.

For the younger set, sometimes parents will just bring their children dressed up and then there are those parents (and grandparents) who dress with the children.  As the grands and I were walking along two young men complimented me on starting the kids early with the love of comic cons and cosplaying.  Thank you, I’m trying 🙂



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Wordless Wednesday – THE cutest (and smallest) Harley Quinn ever!

TinyHarley6263-Edit copy

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