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Mini Doctor Who Theater – The War Doctor and Enemy

In the 50th anniversary special episode of Doctor Who a new Doctor was introduced.  He has been tagged the “War Doctor” because in the episode he is introduced as the one who started it all back on Gallifrey (home planet … Continue reading

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Mini Doctor Who Theater – The Daleks

In the 50 plus years of Doctor Who there have been many many alien species introduced and not all of them were nice.  Some bad ones have been The Master, Cybermen, Adipose (cute but don’t let that fool you), Sontarans, … Continue reading

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Mini Doctor Who Theater – Who are these Doctors?

Here from left to right are, Doctor #3, Jon Pertwee (whose son, Sean Pertwee, plays Alfred the butler to a young Bruce Wayne in the series Gotham) Doctor #2, Patrick Troughton, who you may or may not recall was the … Continue reading

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Mini Doctor Who Theater – The Three Doctors

The British sci-fi television show Doctor Who has been going on now since 1963.  I discovered it and became a fan in the 80’s starting with Doctor #4, Tom Baker.  Being the Whovian that I am I collect all things … Continue reading

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This was going to be a wordless Wednesday post but then I realized not everyone is a Whovian – you poor things 🙂  There is always a Doctor Who contingency at each and every comic-con no matter where it is … Continue reading

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Wizardworld Columbus Comic-Con

I came! I saw! I cosplayed.  I met a hero of mine and there were a lot of mugs filled with root beer (see Beast Boy below chugging)  I guess you could say I had some fun. But things were … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday with the Doctor

If you don’t know by now I shall let you know that I am such a sci-fi nerdy girl and a major Whovian!  Since this post from 2011 I have met (and have the photos to prove it) Captain Jack … Continue reading

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I’m taking a picture of you having your picture taken by her

And if that wasn’t confusing enough, take a look at the image and it will all become clear.  I didn’t realize I was capturing a photo within a photo until it was up on the big monitor and I noticed … Continue reading

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All Things Doctor Who @Comic-Con

When it comes to comic cons you can pretty much tell right off which genres are the most popular by the number of cosplayers dressed that way or by groups who get together year round having their own booths on … Continue reading

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When I got to meet Doctor Who and Doctor Donna

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor. He explores the universe in his ‘TARDIS‘, a sentient, telepathic … Continue reading

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