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Happy Easter

Hope your Easter Sunday is filled with joy…

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Easter Bonnet Redux

I’ve decided to show you probably one last photo of me before I return to my more comfortable place behind the lens.  Also, today I will be doing what some fashion bloggers do as in telling you what I wore and where it came from…for the whimsy of it.  I’m no fashion blogger (unless it’s street photography fashion) and do enjoy looking at some fashion blogs to see what is trending.  This is just me sharing a bit of me.  Now excuse me while I fade back into my comfort zone behind the camera.

Dress:  JCrew Jules.  Purchased a few years ago.  Can only be found now on Ebay or something like them.

Purse:  No name clutch purchased on Ebay years ago.  I like it because it holds my phone and a few other necessities.

Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman Platswoon – for those who care or not – about a 5 inch heel.  Purchased at years ago and I would be too thrilled if I could find them in black somewhere now.

Hat:  Laurence Leleux.  Purchased years ago at the Hat Gallery in London.  Oh the fun I had in that store and I’d go there again in a heartbeat!

Ink:  All Star Tattoo St.Louis, Mo.  My go to guys.


BonnetIMG_2639-Edit copy


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Easter Bonnet

In her Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it… Well, no frills, just a bit of a sort of bow.  I love the hats I bought in London.  Every once in awhile this photographer dresses up before going back to her standard uniform of pants and jackets with lots of pockets.

Hope your Easter was a good one.

Easter Bonnet Bridge copy

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Good Friday and Easter

Let us all pray for peace not only this holy weekend but everyday for the world is sorely troubled.  May you have a blessed weekend everyone.


Easter Lily 2_9819a

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Have a blessed day today for…

Easter Lily 2_9819a

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Happy Easter


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Happy Easter

Hope that everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter.  DH and I went out for a wonderful brunch and I am still moaning and groaning from eating toooooo much.  I felt a bit guilty eating biscuits with rabbit gravy (no guilt what so ever about the mimosa though) and enjoyed the lamb and spring veggie ragout with crispy cubed pork.  The poached egg on top of the sweet potato hash with duck confit was interesting.  DH said if it had been regular potatoes then it would’ve been on!  There was more but in my food induced haze here I can’t quite recall what all was ingested.  The desert I am determined to recreate.  Lemon curd with graham crumbles and meringue.  Oh yum!!!!!

Must go sip some ginger tea now for my stuffed tummy.  Please keep me away from any and all buffets for awhile, thank you.

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