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Comfest 2017 – The People

Comfest is known for being very accepting of everyone no matter who you are or what you wear…or don’t wear.  The attire worn ranged from very little to very interesting and all points in between.  That included lots and lots of piercings, tattoos and one young lady with a great smile who had fangs.   The future hippie here is due to arrive in August 🙂





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Happy and Melancholy

This weekend has been very busy around Casa de Dashfield.  DH celebrated another trip around the sun which we celebrated by taking him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant and surprising him with a birthday cake – and no fire trucks had to be summoned to extinguish the flames from the candles 🙂  I think I had more of a headache from eating too much sweets (which I normally don’t do) than from the martini when celebrating with DH.Then there was his mom’s birthday and daylight savings times has everyone looking at their clocks and watches wondering if they reset themselves or what.

Those moments and the fact that next week I will be back home visiting the now almost four month old were the happy times.  While I thought I had gotten used to it, today started off with some melancholy as it is my mother’s birthday.  She has been gone now for six years but every once in awhile I feel the loss.  Circle of life and all that stuff… sigh.   I will be back tomorrow with a return to our trip last September that took us to Maine.

Cya tomorrow 🙂

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Special Shapes Night Glowdeo

Glowdeo, cute term huh?  The special shape balloons take on a different persona when they are tethered and their pilots set the burners to going to make them glow in the night.  The night glows are very popular but it is easy to get a bit lost if one isn’t careful.  I suggest not doing like I did by wearing black and grey clothing (someone had a moment of panic in the dark crowd when I darted off and they couldn’t find me for a bit) and have at least something bright on you; a flashlight comes in very handy as well.


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Ham-let for President

Your pork barrel candidate.  Time for a real oinker who is committed to “bacon a difference” in 2016.  With all the mud slinging and slop calling in Washingon, I’ll squeal all the way down Pennsylvania Ave! (information taken from his business card)

hamlet3664-edit-copy hamlet2860-edit-copy

Balloonists have their own wonderful sense of humor and this is a perfect example of it but on a more “serious” note (snort) I would like to nominate this fine swine as the perfect squealing mate for Ham-let – Spyderpig!  Or maybe his alter ego – Peter Porker 😉


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It was different this year…

I don’t know if it was because they were doing construction at the convention center (but I doubt that highly) or if it was because the leadership of the company has changed hands and they are now doing it differently or if, sadly, it was indicative of the sign of our times, but the convention this year was different.  In prior years you went to the ticket windows to get your tickets and your put on entirely too tight wristbands, had your “weapon” checked and then ID’d with a zip tie and then it was into the convention after showing the guards at the entry doors your wrist.

This year, before you could even get your tickets you had to go through one line with your “weapon” to be wand scanned like at the airports and then have the weapon tagged.  Others had to stand in line and empty pockets of cell phones etc. and get scanned.  Is this the new managements way of doing things or an indicator of how bad things have happened when there are large gatherings of people.  Either way it made for one helluva bottle neck and made me sad; not because of the long lines but because the world has come to this.

But once in, it was different there as well.  For one, there were more food vendors inside than before but no places to sit and enjoy other than the floor.  The pretzels and the big mugs that you could get unlimited refills of root beer were big winners with the crowds.  Another big change was that there was a huge gaming area.  I mean big!  There was a giant screen for something, video game pods with some classic games (we played Pac-Man and Galaga and realized we weren’t as skilled as we used to be), and computer and gaming system games that had all the boys – and a couple of girls – flocking to the area.  There were also less vendors and celebrities at the convention but more sponsored and product placement areas.

Each year you can tell what the trending character is by the number of cosplayers dressed as such.  This year there was no standout character but there were some (I think they were promotional folks) dressed for the Pokemon Go craze and the upcoming Kubo and the Two Strings movie.  Like I said, it was different this year.

PretzelsW Pika02716 copy PacPlayersqW Naruto Game  Gamers02735



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Happy Mother’s Day

It’s my day! It’s my day! It’s my day!  I am mother to two and Nana to 2 with a new one set to appear this winter (rooting hard for Team Blue again!)  The progeny are in Missouri while I am here in Ohio.  I will speak to them either on the phone or via Skype today, we will call DH’s mother and I will miss my mom; my last time to celebrate Mother’s Day with her was six years ago.  But in the meantime I’m going to enjoy being blessed to be able to celebrate another Mother’s Day today by doing something fun – I hope.

Road trip, movies, eat out, eat in…who knows!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are moms, moms to be and to your moms.

Happy Mothers Day sparkling glitter animated gif

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A Saturday Orchid

No idea what kind of orchid this is other than I love its colors.  Have a great weekend everyone and for those of you in the USA whose states participate, it’s that time of year again when we lose an hour by “springing forward” for Daylight Savings Time come this Sunday at 2am.

I’ve always wondered where that one hour goes until it comes back in the fall…hmmmm.


Orchid7356-Edit copy

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