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Faces of the Renaissance Festival

You’re never too old to dress up/cosplay/reenact…etc. The costumes people have worn at the Ren Festival have ranged from purchased at Party City to seriously and accurately handmade. And the makeup? Well, let’s just say that I salute those who … Continue reading

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And that’s when the fighting started…

The Cincinnati Barbarians put on quite the show at the Ohio Renaissance Festival and always get everyone in the crowd cheering for them to whack each other with their weapons. The battles start with one on one matches, move up … Continue reading

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Going Back In Time

I’ve been quite busy lately – very busy! Not all of it has been sunshine and roses but we are pushing through. But there has been some time traveling as you can see from the image here and it has … Continue reading

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Highball Halloween 2018 – Music

This past weekend Columbus, Ohio hosted the nation’s fiercest and most elaborate costume party.  Costumes ranged from those you can purchase at a local Halloween shop  all the way up to couture ensembles.  There were food trucks, drink trucks, karaoke, … Continue reading

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Comfest 2017 – The People

Comfest is known for being very accepting of everyone no matter who you are or what you wear…or don’t wear.  The attire worn ranged from very little to very interesting and all points in between.  That included lots and lots … Continue reading

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Happy and Melancholy

This weekend has been very busy around Casa de Dashfield.  DH celebrated another trip around the sun which we celebrated by taking him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant and surprising him with a birthday cake – and no … Continue reading

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Special Shapes Night Glowdeo

Glowdeo, cute term huh?  The special shape balloons take on a different persona when they are tethered and their pilots set the burners to going to make them glow in the night.  The night glows are very popular but it … Continue reading

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Ham-let for President

Your pork barrel candidate.  Time for a real oinker who is committed to “bacon a difference” in 2016.  With all the mud slinging and slop calling in Washingon, I’ll squeal all the way down Pennsylvania Ave!  http://www.whenpigsfly.bz/president (information taken from … Continue reading

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It was different this year…

I don’t know if it was because they were doing construction at the convention center (but I doubt that highly) or if it was because the leadership of the company has changed hands and they are now doing it differently … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

It’s my day! It’s my day! It’s my day!  I am mother to two and Nana to 2 with a new one set to appear this winter (rooting hard for Team Blue again!)  The progeny are in Missouri while I … Continue reading

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