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One barn, a lot of sheep, a llama and a crow

Be careful if you count the sheep, you might fall asleep.  You’ll have to look a bit hard to find the other two animals… I missed them entirely until I uploaded the photo as I was focused on getting the line of sheep.  Going peach picking put us right in the heart of farming land and I captured quite a few interesting moments.


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I think we’ve been spotted 😉

We had just left the peach orchard and were taking the long way around (which meant nothing but farms as far as we could see) to get to the highway that would take us home when DH suddenly stops and pulls over and says “LOOK!”  Mind you, I was looking straight ahead at an interesting barn when this happened.  He points to my right and I say “So it’s a couple of deer statues?”  After a minute or two the statues began to move cautiously.  I rolled the window down and leaned over a bit to get this shot.

Wonder where mom was?

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Red, Green and Blue

There’s a story that goes with this image revealing how far a photographer might go for the shot.  DH pulled over into a safe spot, I jumped out and took a few shots including this one but I wanted to get more of this old barn so I cautiously walked up the two lane road, which had very little in the way of a shoulder for me to stand on, to try for another angle.  I couldn’t step off the shoulder and into the grass – which I have done before for some roadside shots – either because there were weeds up to my knees and they went straight down into a deep ditch.

And then I noticed this horrible smell.  I looked down and saw what looked like part of a dead deer in the brackish water and weeds.  Time to go!!!

(Upon re-reading this post I realized what I did by walking on the narrow shoulder was not too bright.  There is no photo out there worth getting hurt for.  I will never attempt something like this again and neither should you)

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Contains lead in color

As this was in the front of a working farm and there was a nice pickup truck behind it for sale, I wondered if this was once a station just for farm equipment or was this a gas station for those traveling this two lane road back when it was the only road in the area.  Quite a little time capsule.


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When you forget where you are…

Sometimes when you are out shooting and you are very focused on what you are shooting, you can possibly forget about other things.  Other things like the time, weather and in my case here – where I was.  I knew pretty much where I was as far as how to get back to the main road but what I forgot was that I was slowly inching my way further and further onto someones farm.  I was so fixed on getting as much of what I could see from this side of the barn (like the steps going up into the loft) that for a minute or two,  as I tried not to trip over the deep furrows, I ignored the barking dog in the distance at the farm house.

The dog kept barking and I kept shooting until the common sense light bulb came on in my head especially when the dog seemed to be getting a bit louder!  It told me it might be a good idea to wrap this up and make for the Jeep before the barking got closer or a human decided to maybe come have a chat with me.  Fortunately “Spot” never came close, I never saw any people and the worst thing that happened was some dirt clumps in my shoes from hopping over the furrows quickly for the vehicle.  But it was a reminder that I should be careful and mindful whenever and wherever I shoot.  You too!

BarnSide8403-Edit copy

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Another great find

This is what we had pulled over for when I mentioned DH and his new toy in this post.  I approached it cautiously as the field looked recently plowed so I assumed maybe the house in the distance might be connected to it and would take umbrage at me hopping through their fields.  I walked as close as I dared and then after getting back into the vehicle we drove up the road a little further so that I could shoot from another angle.  And that’s when things got a bit interesting….more about that tomorrow.


Barn8372-Edit copy

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From the other side of the tracks

Took a turn off the main highway and went in search of more rural and rust and look at what was the first thing we found on the other side of the railroad tracks which are at the top of the berm.  These were small silos compared to their huge neighbors up the road.


RustySilos8365-Edit copy

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