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A Barn for Sunday

Slipping in a barn that I photographed from the moving car going down the highway when we returned from our trip to the private gardens.  I don’t think it’s too terribly abandoned but it has a wonderful rusty patina about … Continue reading

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As an elephants eye?

More like corn that you see comes up to a photographers knee.  Slipping a barn photo in here to say HAVE A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  Hmmmmm that rhymed too 😉  

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Another one hasn’t bitten the dust…entirely

When anyone compliments me on my work I am so pleased and honored (I’m over the moon when someone orders a print but I digress) because these photos I share with you represent a part of me.  A blogger friend … Continue reading

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Exploring the other sides – In Color

Monday I posted this image in black and white.  For the holiday weekend, I am sharing with you what it looks like in color as promised.  Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend and see you next week.  

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In and Out

And no, I don’t mean the burger place 😉  Viewing the full east side of the barn you can see that there are many windows and several doors into it.  I still cannot figure out how the farmer got in … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Day…

Was partially spent knee deep in weeds!  The reason I’m looking up here is because there were several turkey vultures circling overhead.  I was telling them to sod off as I was holding still to take some photos and not … Continue reading

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When you forget where you are…

Sometimes when you are out shooting and you are very focused on what you are shooting, you can possibly forget about other things.  Other things like the time, weather and in my case here – where I was.  I knew … Continue reading

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