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Friends Fog Fishing

Teri 🌫️

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Fish fry…

And by that I mean not fish fry as in oil in a pan but a fish fry as in little fish. Technically, this fish is past the fry stage but calling it anything else would just not have worked … Continue reading

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Waiting for a handout or dropped bait

The number and species of birds that visited the pier each day was amazing.  What was also amazing was how close they would get to or fly over humans… really really close especially if you were fishing from the pier … Continue reading

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Sitting, fishing and finding a new spot

Patience and something cool to drink helps too… hats are optional.  

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Boardwalk Fishing

The boardwalk at the Hoover Mudflats is used for fishing, as you can see, as well as bird watching.  There are several osprey nesting stands set up that bird watchers with binoculars – or photographers with a zoom lens but … Continue reading

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Fishing for Father’s Day

On our road trip we came across the Hoover Mudflats boardwalk in Galena, Ohio where we stopped to explore.  It apparently is a popular fishing spot as we saw several people coming and going laden with chairs, rods and bait.  … Continue reading

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Catch and Release

At the Alum Creek Park in Delaware, Ohio.  Very nice place to visit and to do a bit of fishing.  

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Sunday Afternoon at the Alum Creek Dam

We were out exploring Sunday afternoon when we decided to finally go take a look in the direction of the boat docks and ended up here.  Not quite sure where here was but it is in Delaware County, Ohio.  That’s … Continue reading

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Low Levels

This year across the country we are experiencing a major drought.  There have been fires, crops withering in the fields, water rationing in some places, flowers are blooming early and fading quickly and last I heard some barges are stuck … Continue reading

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Not Gilligans Island

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.  That started from this tropic port, aboard a tiny ship (ok, so it was really a 31′ boat) .  The mate was a mighty sailin’ … Continue reading

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