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Throwback Thursday – I Miss Traveling

I so miss traveling.  I miss exploring new areas that I’ve read about or have had on my bucket list for awhile but all of that came to a screeching halt this year.  Mind you, there has been some traveling … Continue reading

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What do you see?

Is the bottle half empty or half full?  Does it look beautiful glistening from the rays of a beach sunrise or is it just an abandoned bit of trash left by someone who didn’t bother to put it in a … Continue reading

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Wednesday Sunrises

We cannot control the weather for such shots but checking to see what time the sun rises and where to best view it requires a bit of research and a lot of dedication and willingness to get up that early! … Continue reading

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2017 in Review

Well, another year down and more to come.  This year has seen so many things happen in the world and sadly too many of them were tragic and just downright ugly!  I won’t delve into those things but instead will … Continue reading

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Smiling Safety Barriers

Care to guess why I named this post what I did?  Also, which version is your favorite and why?  Photo taken in Southbeach, Miami Beach, Florida May 2017. I am still transferring files from the computer HD to the new … Continue reading

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Jump for Joy

It’s officially summer here in this part of the world and it’s Friday!  This photo was taken on my sunrise foray onto the beach when we were in Miami Beach.  This young lady, Samantha from @Revived_Living, is a former competitive … Continue reading

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Oh Snap!

Whole fried snapper at a Peruvian place in Miami Beach.  The Peruvian seafood fried rice I had is something I would order again in a heartbeat!  Soooooooooo good both dishes!  May your weekend be a tasty one 🙂

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Scenes from an Italian restaurant

Not only did the decor at the Hosteria Romana restaurant make me stop and take photos but the delicious fragrances wafting out…they were so good!  I wish we had come back to eat lunch or dinner.  Next time for sure…

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I’ve forgotten why we had wandered up to this part of Southbeach but I found this to be an interesting building.  I wasn’t sure at first what it was until we crossed the street and found that it was a … Continue reading

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Yellow is such a cheerful color to me.  It is the color of the sun, of lemons for lemonade, of daffodils, daisies and butter.  This tree stood in the middle of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida.  I don’t think … Continue reading

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