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Twas the sweet ending for the birthday


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Good Eats and Making Progress

Some advances have been made with the “to do” list such as the outside decorations are all packed away now and the tree has only 1/3 of the ornaments left on it.  I finally uploaded some photos I took last week but before I could really do any editing a storm came through and we were without power for a few hours.  Fortunately I had just started the browning of some beef for chili when this happened so at least I had a tiny bit of heat and was able to make dinner in the dark (well, I did have a flashlight) as well as boil water for some hot tea to drink.  I learned how spoiled I had become from having hot water fast with the electric kettle after having to wait for water to boil in a pot on the stove top.  Slow….

So mentioning eating, last week we went to eat here and I was one happy Memphis style rib eating customer as was DH.  In spite of the name of the one sauce, it really wasn’t that hot.  A bit of a tingle but not very devilish.  But they had me at the big mason jar of freshly squeezed lemonade and the homemade BBQ potato chips.





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