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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m still floating on a Nana high over my precious little turkey nugget. His big brother is a champ at holding and feeding him but his big sister – well – she hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet and would rather play on her phone.  Kids!  But while I forgot an ingredient or two for the dressing (it got doctored on after I realized my mistake and there will be no revolts) I made whole berry cranberry sauce for the first time and it turned out quite spiffy and incredibly easy if I say so myself.  No more canned for us 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving and happy Thursday to you all.


In all things give thanks….  1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Cheese is something you either like or you don’t.  When I was a little girl my knowledge of cheese was limited to that waxy yellowish orange stuff that came wrapped in individual slices.  Then I discovered cheddar cheese but it too was that same color.  Time marched on and there were things like Velveeta (I just heard some of you cheese connoisseurs cringe; calm yourselves) pimento cheese, cream cheese, and that funny stuff in a spray can which was more fun than truly edible.

But once I was out of college and began to travel more I discovered there was a lot of cheese making going on out there in the world.  Some of it was fantastic (Gouda, Brie, Manchego) and some of it was just why in the world would anyone make this let alone eat it – I’m looking at you Limburger and that really bad chunk of Stilton I had once.  Actually, that Stilton was just one bad slice from a shop that I never went back to.  I’ve since had some that while it is still not my favorite it wasn’t too bad.

This photo was taken in 2012 in the Grand Central Station market in New York.  I’ve been meaning to go back and photograph the market again but there is just so much to see and do in NYC that it hasn’t happened – yet! Looking at the prices then I was shocked and I don’t even want to imagine what they are now.  Why are these cheeses so expensive? Any ideas?  Some nice crusty bread and a chunk of that Drunken Goat and some fruit along with a bottle of what got the goat tipsy sounds like a great luncheon plan for the weekend.

(Back to PT today…sigh)



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And don’t forget the food!

You can’t celebrate a holiday or even just having the weekend off without good eats and something to drink plus today is International Bacon Day 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!

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The Columbus Arts Festival

This festival started in 1962 and has grown to become one of the most highly acclaimed art festivals in the nation.  Each year I enjoy seeing the artists and their works but this Saturday I had a special reason for attending which I will share with you in a moment.  The festival attracts artists from all over the country.  There are painters, photographers, chalk artists as pictured here, wood carvers, metalworkers and more.



And it wouldn’t be a festival without the food and drink to be had.  The smells were wonderful with the sweet aroma of kettle corn, the cool fruit smoothies, food trucks offering so many wonderful choices of good eats and of course adult beverages for those desiring something more than freshly squeezed lemonade 😉

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But as I mentioned earlier I went to the festival this year for an extra reason.  I was going to meet a local photographer friend that I have known only via the medium of blogging.  If you haven’t seen Rick Braveheart’s work before then you really should check out his website here.  His work is at the Smithsonian Institute and he is the artist in residence for the National Park Service.  Rick’s photography inspires and challenges me and I am determined now to photograph the beauty that is in our national parks.  The art festival has an emerging artist program which features upcoming local artists.  Rick submitted his work and was picked to show for the first time this year.  Congrats, Rick!

This is always a great festival to attend with tomorrow, Sunday, being the last day for the 2015 festival so you still have time to experience the festival.  You get to see such amazing talent from artists you might not otherwise get to experience and there is never a bad time or place for food truck eats accompanied by bands.


Rick Braveheart

Selfie with Rick


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Monochrome Monday at the Shake Shack

“The Shake Shack is a little old place where we can get a burger….shake shack baby!” A tip of the hat there to the B-52’s and their song Love Shack which I have modified just a bit.

The first time we ever saw a Shake Shack was in NYC last year where we saw the line go out the door and down the block.  “What in the world do they have in there?” I said.  Of course I wanted to go try whatever it was but there was no way I was going to stand in line that long for anything short of them having a 75% off camera equipment sale 😉  So the mystery remained until I read an article about this place which declared it to have some very tasty burgers and fries.  Either the food is that good or it’s just another one of those trending food things; I might try it the next time I’m in New York I proclaimed.

Turned out the next time was when we were in South Beach.  While looking for new places to eat within walking distance of our hotel I discovered a Shake Shack on Lincoln Road.  We managed to make it in there one day at just the right time which means we were able to walk right in and get our food without a long line.  Always a bonus to me.  Our order was a single cheese burger for me, DH had a double, two soda pops, a vanilla concrete, and one regular and one cheese fry.  You give them your name and then either lay claim to a table or wait by the counter for them tell you to come and claim your food.  The food was pretty good but it was not stand in line for for a long time good, at least not to my taste buds.  I will say their crinkle fries were very good; crispy on the outside and all soft potato goodness on the inside.

I went back for a “Shack-cago” dog because we were still a bit hungry and wanted to see their take on it.  We’ve eaten the famous hot dog in the city that created dragging it through the garden and this paled in comparison.  If you go to a Shake Shack I suggest you stick with the burgers and fries and you won’t go wrong…also try the design your own concrete.  Oh yeah!


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Lincoln Road Farmers Market

After dropping our bags off at the hotel and having a bit to eat for breakfast we went for a walk on my favorite street in South Beach, Lincoln Road.  Normally the road is filled with shoppers going in and out of the many shops or having something to eat at the various restaurants but this day, Sunday, there was something different for me to explore – a Farmers Market.  There were stands filled to the brim with fresh fruits, many I had no idea what they were, along with pastries, smoothies, flowers and more.  The market also had a section with vendors selling antiques, clothing and jewelry but it was the food section that captured my attention.  If I had known about this I would’ve had breakfast here instead of at the restaurant we went to; joyfully nibbling from stall to stall.

As with any market like this the prices varied some from vendor to vendor so never buy at the first one you stop at.  Where the produce came from I have no idea but it all looked and smelled so enticing and I wanted a mango and some pineapple so badly but then DH gently reminded me that we were staying at a hotel without a fridge…oh well!  I did have some absolutely delicious mango water at the hotel later so in a way I got to have my mango 🙂

(The Lincoln Road Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 9 to 6:30 pm)


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Throwback Thursday – Viva Las Vegas

Each time I’ve gone to Vegas there has been something new to see and eat, a great show to watch, another mega themed hotel, and interesting people doing interesting things.  I’ve seen it all from the living statues hustling a buck to the ladies of the night hustling a buck 😉  I’ve seen fights and drunks and drunks fighting, some very interesting choices in clothing (or barely clothed), and the amazing floral displays that the Bellagio conservatory puts out five times a year.  It is incredible what they can create using flowers.   And I won’t mention the shopping but oh the shops they have from the usual souvenir shops to so high end it’s out of this world.

Vegas is a place you should try to see at least once in your lifetime.  And like in New York City for New Year’s Eve (but without it being as bone chillingly cold) you can be in the middle of the street happily dancing away with a few thousand of your best friends you never knew you had to ring in the new year!  Yes, I’ve done that in both cities 🙂  These photos were captured on our trip there in 2010.

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