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Just Peachy

A friend told us he had taken his family peach picking the week before and just how delicious the peaches were.  I love peaches and fresh you can pick them? We had to go which we did this past weekend.  It was about an hours drive through parts of Ohio we’ve never explored (more about that later such as my slight run in with someone who wanted to know what I was doing on this middle of farmland gravel road) to get to Utica, Ohio and the Legend Hills Orchard.

You could pick your own or opt to stay at the farm stand and buy them already picked along with fruit ciders, cherry juice, Amish butter and other veggies.  We chose to pick our own and DH’s height came in handy for picking fruit I couldn’t reach.  The ready for picking peaches were these sweet and juicy Red Havens; one bite and juice dribbled down your chin.  Their apples weren’t ready yet so this means we have to go back.  Rough isn’t it?

So now we have two pecks (and yes I started to sing that song) of peaches and I need to do something with them besides just grabbing one and eating.  I made peach salsa last night and hope to make this peach oatmeal loaf today from a recipe I found online.  If you have any good peach recipes please share your link in the comments 🙂



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Breakfast of champions…

Back home in Missouri I grew up with apple, peach and cherry trees.  I never saw an orange on the tree until I was an adult driving through Florida with the kids to Disneyworld.  But in Arizona grapefruit, orange and lemon trees seem to be everywhere and by that I mean not just on a farm but in the yards of residents.  How nice must it be to have your own citrus tree right there in your yard.

I pestered my mother in law at their RV camp to introduce me to one of their neighbors so I could pluck a grapefruit from their tree.  She finally gave in and as you see here, I had plenty to pick from and enjoyed it for breakfast.  The next day while walking through the camp we came upon another neighbor with these huge lemons growing on a tree in their front yard.  Guess who stuffed four huge lemons into her carry on bag for the flight home 😉

Those were the best smelling and tasting lemons ever.

Grapefruit7149-Edit copy



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Lincoln Road Farmers Market

After dropping our bags off at the hotel and having a bit to eat for breakfast we went for a walk on my favorite street in South Beach, Lincoln Road.  Normally the road is filled with shoppers going in and out of the many shops or having something to eat at the various restaurants but this day, Sunday, there was something different for me to explore – a Farmers Market.  There were stands filled to the brim with fresh fruits, many I had no idea what they were, along with pastries, smoothies, flowers and more.  The market also had a section with vendors selling antiques, clothing and jewelry but it was the food section that captured my attention.  If I had known about this I would’ve had breakfast here instead of at the restaurant we went to; joyfully nibbling from stall to stall.

As with any market like this the prices varied some from vendor to vendor so never buy at the first one you stop at.  Where the produce came from I have no idea but it all looked and smelled so enticing and I wanted a mango and some pineapple so badly but then DH gently reminded me that we were staying at a hotel without a fridge…oh well!  I did have some absolutely delicious mango water at the hotel later so in a way I got to have my mango 🙂

(The Lincoln Road Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 9 to 6:30 pm)


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Apple Picking Time

I love it when it’s time to pick apples! That means fall is here and time to start baking all of those wonderful apple goodies.  This year I may try my hand at apple butter – or not.  If you have any fave recipes that you would like to share, please do!  We went picking yesterday at Lynd’s Fruit Farm in Pataskala, Ohio.  Really really big place with all of the usual suspects of jams and jellies, corn maze, and pumpkin patches along with rows and rows and rows of apples.  I haven’t eaten that many apples in one setting since the last time I went picking.  What is it about right off the tree/bush/vine that makes you eat more than when you are at home?

This farm gave you bags instead of baskets with one size holding a bushel, the other a peck for one set price.  Some apples had already come and gone while more are waiting to make their debut.  This day they had red and golden delicious, Johnathan, and Jonagolds.  The trees were not so tall that you had to use a picker, they were at the level that anyone (including wee ones for some heavily laden trees) could just reach out and grab.  I’m tempted to go back – not that I need anymore apples – for some of the later varieties.

(No pictures of the Jonagolds; by the time we got to them we were pretty heavily laden with apples and I had put the camera away)

Red Delicious

Golden Delicious


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