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Pay Attention

I cannot begin to imagine how many bulbs are planted in the 121 acres here (here being Inniswood Metro Gardens still)  but it’s quite a few! They do a magnificent job of tending to all of the flowers and plants in spite of all of us humans who come to enjoy – and from the looks of this warning sign – possibly trod upon the flowers.  A few years ago I photographed an area here that was absolutely filled with crocus but on this visit that area was warning tape roped off for renovations.

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The Chinese Cup Gardens

After leaving the streams we came upon this section of the gardens.  It is called the cup gardens because two cup shaped gardens are carved out of the hillside featuring large boulders and of course the myriad of trees and plants.  You can sit inside of the pavilion here but we didn’t.  In hindsight and especially after seeing the photo of the ornate ceiling inside taken by a fellow club member, I wish we had.

Wouldn’t you like to have this in your back yard!

Pagoda9767-Edit copy ChinesPavilion9818-Edit copy

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