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What is love?

Is it really one of those philosophical metaphysical questions or is it really simple when you don’t try to quantify it too stringently?  This week our home has been “invaded” by a horde I call my family.  Also known as … Continue reading

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A big thank you!

Some of you may recall my asking for help with a project for Trey and Makayla (aka Thing One & Thing Two the grands) where I asked you to give your name, location and how you said hello where you … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Even though I may (may? I do!) grouse about many things and people I am thankful for much.  The usual suspects are on the thankful list like roof over head, being able to see and hear and speak, having a … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – My two loves peeking through the centerpiece


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I made a promise – please help me keep it last call!

For all of you lovely folks who responded to my post to help the grands I thank you so very much and the kids are getting excited.  They think it’s awesome the number of people from around the world I … Continue reading

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“Push off mate! I was here first!” “Who died and made you leader of the flock?” “Yeah! Who made you the leader!” “Nobody asked you for your two cents worth, Pinky!” “Oh no you did not say that!” FLAMINGO FIGHT!!!  … Continue reading

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I made a promise – Please help me keep it

As some of you may or may not know I am a grandmother, abuelita, nana to Frick and Frack, aka Trey and Makayla.  They love the fact that we send them toys, tee shirts from wherever we’ve traveled, and as … Continue reading

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Can you go home again?

Well that all depends on where your home is and if there is anything there for you to go to.  Home is where you are but your hometown is usually where you were born…but even that is subject to discussion.  … Continue reading

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