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A big thank you!

Some of you may recall my asking for help with a project for Trey and Makayla (aka Thing One & Thing Two the grands) where I asked you to give your name, location and how you said hello where you … Continue reading

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“Push off mate! I was here first!” “Who died and made you leader of the flock?” “Yeah! Who made you the leader!” “Nobody asked you for your two cents worth, Pinky!” “Oh no you did not say that!” FLAMINGO FIGHT!!!  … Continue reading

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I made a promise – Please help me keep it

As some of you may or may not know I am a grandmother, abuelita, nana to Frick and Frack, aka Trey and Makayla.  They love the fact that we send them toys, tee shirts from wherever we’ve traveled, and as … Continue reading

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