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What’s showing?

I can only imagine how beautiful the Acadian night sky is because we always rose very early to beat crowds; by the evening it was dinner and done for the day!  To learn a little more about this historic theater – such as the theater’s founder being a convicted bootlegger who went legit after serving his time in federal prison – read here.

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I’ve been… I’ve met

Two songs come to mind when I recall our recent adventures – On The Road Again and I’ve Been Everywhere.  Now while we were on the road again, we weren’t quite everywhere but we were somewhere.  Still with me?  Even though this place was our last stop, I am making it the first in this travel series because of something special.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire was founded in 1630 and there are many interesting and historical spots around there.  This is a shot of some historical home that I failed to get the name of.  Maybe the friend we met in Portsmouth for drinks and “chowdah” by the waterfront can help me identify this.  What building is this Chris, Milford Street, Senor Calle?



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