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You Can’t Catch Me

The street rods at the auto show really looked like they could leave any other vehicle in the dust… well maybe not some of those exotic speedsters like the Lambo’s and Maserati’s that were there but pretty much everything else. … Continue reading

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Car Show Decals

Switching it up a bit today… just showing these photos of the decals on some cars at a recent car show I attended.  Now who can guess which decal is my favorite?  😉      

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Words on Wednesday – Dashboards

When attending a car show your eyes will immediately be drawn to the outside of the auto; the body, the wheels and maybe even the hood ornament.  There are also many who will be drawn to the engines which I … Continue reading

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Street Rods and Customs – Part 1

There’s shiny and then there’s colorful shiny and these were just that.  A frustrating thing for me when attending car shows is that I want to either ride in or drive (Drive? I don’t know how to drive a stick … Continue reading

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Car Show Rerun

Did a test drive of the computer last night and so far so good.  Just a couple of issues but they were the same ones as before…which could mean it’s been trying to tell me for some time that it … Continue reading

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Revisit Week – Cars and Car Shows

I missed the one big car show that comes here every year because of the weather but there will be more come summer and I hope to be right there with them.  Here are some cars from past shows.  I … Continue reading

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Hot Rods

Some may or may not be fond of the treatment I gave these images (I’m still having fun with the high contrast/HDR-ish conversions; someone stop me before I get carried away please! LOL) but I felt their category wouldn’t mind … Continue reading

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The Hot Rods @ All About Autisism Car, Bike, and Truck Show

There is nothing that can be said to introduce these beauties better other than…….”Ladies and Gentlemen, here they are!” (Click on any picture to enlarge and start a slideshow)

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