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Waterfall Garden, Chinese Bridge and Swan Island

I didn’t take a photo of the waterfall here as several of my companions had already camped out there; there were others further along that I was able to capture.  Instead I headed toward this red Chinese bridge near the … Continue reading

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Holiday in Grand Cayman

When I took a break from here I did not mention where we went nor did I say where we were when I posted a few things with some hints about the location (although one of you Googled it out, … Continue reading

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Why were the chickens at the bus stop?

They had a bus to catch! Thank you, thank you I’m here through the weekend don’t forget to tip your servers.  Yes, I know I’m not quite ready to headline in Vegas,  but why where there chickens at the bus … Continue reading

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Travel memories – a bit of Grand Cayman

If given the opportunity to go back to Grand Cayman I would be out of here like a shot! (but I’m still looking into Spain)   The absolutely positively fantastically hot diggity dog part of Grand Cayman is – no … Continue reading

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