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Change is a Coming

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures while still warm are giving us a few more cooler days than before and with today being Labor Day, that means the unofficial end of Summer.  Many students have returned to school and those who haven’t bemoan this day as being the signal that they are going back too.  Stores have had harvest and pumpkin things out to buy since the end of August and pumpkin spice almost everything has come back…for those who like that.

I’m not quite ready to let go of summer time but I have always loved the foods, colors and temperatures of autumn.  September marks the beginning of things changing for me with projects, travel plans and a very special baby shower for a very special baby on the way.  I think it’s also time for me to take some time for myself before I have to go flat out again.  Yesterday DH and I went for a walk along the Olentangy River and besides my allergies making me pay for it later, it was so nice.

We saw families with their children playing in the river (very low right now; I’d say about a foot if that much) collecting rocks and shells and skipping stones in the water.  DH and I tried our hand at skipping stones and let’s just say one of us won the contest 😉  We took a path that led us up a dry stream, creek. whatever you want to call it that fed into the river and found this bed of beautiful slate pieces and stones.  I took a couple home to eventually decorate or just put in my flower box.

Yesterday made me realize that sometimes all you need is to just be together playing in the river and skipping stones to be happy.  Have a Happy Labor Day everyone 🙂


Creek Rocks 942016 copy


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1,2, 3…Spring!

I have no idea what plant, bush, tree, whatever this is going to turn into but they were all over the park floor by the river.  Anyone have any ideas?  These three shots show the plants opening at various stages.  Now because of the post title I have a song stuck in my head and I am happily sharing this potential ear work with you.

1-2-3, oh, that’s how elementary it’s gonna be
C’mon, let’s fall in love, it’s easy (it’s so easy)
Like takin’ candy (like takin’ candy) from a baby… – Song performed by Len Barry


ParkPlant7619-Edit copy ParkPlant7603-Edit copy ParkPlant7612-Edit copy


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A tree grows in Arizona…

I forget what part of the Apache Trail we were on when we stopped at this restaurant to eat.  I went outside to look at the patio and the volleyball area and could just imagine how hopping the place would be in a few months and no one would be wearing jackets like we were.  I had to stand in the sun and just let the warmth (mid 60’s at the time) wash over me.  I was drawn to this tree because it had green leaves on it and such a smooth bark.  I thanked it for letting me lean against it to take this photo so that when I was back home, where it would be cold and all of the trees would be bare, I could look at this image and feel like I was there again.

But I have no idea what kind of tree this is…any ideas?

(PS. The new system is about at 90% now – woohoo!)

AJTree7081-Edit copy


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That road to somewhere called life…

Sometimes you don’t know where here is until you are there.  They say it’s all about the journey.  As long as you’re still moving it’s all good.  I could add some more pithy sayings but I think you know where I’m going with this.  Life is a journey and the road isn’t always pretty or smooth – but sometimes it can be beautiful.  Lately the road I’ve been on has been scary, exhilarating, painful, frustrating, sad, joyful and just about any other emotion you can come up with.

We are just a couple of weeks away from moving into a new home and all that entails is nerve wracking enough but when you add difficulties with mobility, visits to physical therapy for 6 weeks now, and the will to pack but the way being limited, well, it just adds up to frustration.  DH has been away for work often, I have an appointment soon to see and orthopedic specialist (if the surgery word is even whispered I will do my very best imitation of The Flash and run), no idea what we are going to do for Thanksgiving dinner, no idea what to do for Christmas (I’m thinking gift cards for the lot and let them face the stores), and a couple of relatives with some health issues that have us concerned.  Oh! I forgot to add that my computer is trying again to bite the dust and I don’t relish trying to get a new one and transfer ALL of this stuff onto it in the midst of everything else.  I’m praying it hangs on until we are settled into the new home with internet again; not having internet for awhile is not going to be pretty.  Quite the witches brew going on here or as I have heard others say (I’d never say such a thing – my story sticking to it) ) it’s a cluster F of stuff.

But as I am trying to convey with this photo taken back when the weather was kinder and warmer and the leaves were just beginning to change color, life is movement and a path to many places.  Sometimes you know where you’re going and sometimes you wonder how the %^&* did I get here?  The point is to keep moving, to either look forward to what’s ahead or to gird up your loins and be ready to take on what’s ahead on the path; fear and stagnation shouldn’t be an option but sometimes they do slide in there and get a grip.  The road ahead could greet you with a troll ready to bop you on the head or it could be an experience that when you are further up your road you will look back upon fondly – or both!  Life is funny like that.

Now who wants to come and help me pack?

Road6385-Edit copy


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If I move very slowly maybe she won’t see me…

And I didn’t!  While out in the woods taking photos of all of the interesting fungi that had sprouted after some rainy weather I noticed this one there all by itself.  I was so busy with the fungus and leaves I didn’t notice the little slug in front of it beating a “hasty” retreat – or was it photobombing the fungus – until post editing.



Slug6066-Edit copy

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This looks like a good spot…

For a family portrait shoot.  The two boys were having too much fun getting leaves all over them for mom’s patience though I think.


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Autumn Creek

Since I took this photo a few weeks ago at a local nature reserve, we have had and currently are having some heavy rains with winds; not good for keeping leaves around.  I’ve driven past several trees making note to return to them when I could but unfortunately such was not the case and many are now decked out in nothing but their bark.  There are some hardy Ginko and Bradford Pear that haven’t changed completely yet and still have their leaves so there may be hope yet for more fall color photos.


Creek6417-Edit copy

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