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I’ve been…

There and back again and will probably go back one or two more times this year.  It was ridiculously hot and humid with two very serious thunderstorms.  But there was fun, too much food, a pub, a tulle skirt (aka a tutu), a $5500 purse, a tattoo, balloons, a party, a birthday and so much love I was moved to tears.  And now I’m in a crunch to finish my costume for comic-con this weekend!

More later…I hope!


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Winter and Summer on the Olentangy River plus thoughts about moving

Now that I look at these images I face palm myself (gently) and think I should’ve done Spring and Fall too! Maybe next year.  But next year I won’t be traveling this road across the river anymore because I will be some miles away from it in the new home.  Maybe I will try to make the effort to drive this way again for those seasons and then be able to show this view in every season.  Have you ever missed things when you’ve moved?  People missing is a given but have you missed places?

I will miss the dry cleaning lady who always greets me with ‘Hey Darlin’ when I drop off clothes.  I will miss being near the Buffalo Wild Wings that we have gone to so many times we don’t even have to order our drinks they just bring them out automatically; the drinks are diet Coke and a cider shandy by the way.  I will miss being able to get in the car and drive 5 minutes to get to two grocery stores and a Target (although in the new home I can walk two blocks to a grocery store) and I will miss the sample lady at one of the grocery stores that I always talk to and have fun with when it’s wine sampling time.  We always hug when we see one another.  She gave me a box load of wine corks so that I could make some crafts with them.  I’ll really miss our fave sushi place too.  Haven’t found one yet in the new area but DH’s fave spot for fish and chips is a place he has proclaimed he WILL drive back to.

You would think I was moving miles and miles away when in reality it is just a half hour to 45 minutes drive away so coming back if I chose is not a problem.  I’ve made friends and memories here but now it is time to make new ones.  DH has warned me that I need to just step away from the computer because he is going to pack it up today.  Thankfully the laptop will still be connected to the internet until moving day when we flip off the switch.  I just had a panic moment when I realized I was missing two lens.  I unpacked two boxes looking for them but they weren’t there.  Guess where they were?  In a laundry basket underneath my Labbit collection.  Don’t ask – just Google.

Until we read again  🙂



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Remembering today…

(I had originally posted a blog about today from someone else but upon further reading there seems to be some potential (maybe maybe not) questions about the facts so instead of reblogging it I took it down and I will just post the link where you can read it if you wish here  )

I do not want to get into who is right or wrong today, this is not the time for that and I will not and do not like getting into politics (they’re all nuts if you ask me).  I just couldn’t find any photos to post today that felt right either.  I have photos I took of the twin towers when I visited a long time ago as a tourist, never imagining that one day those buildings would be gone.  I drove past the Pentagon when they were still doing repairs and the whole day’s events still seemed so surreal even though I was staring right at some of the damage.

I knew people who lost friends and family in the towers; I have a friend who got out of one of them in time.  There’s a friend that to this day becomes very quiet and somber, and I know to give them their space, about this day for personal reasons relating to the towers.  And a relative was in charge of a group of cadaver dogs in NYC.

Today is a day to remember those who were lost in those building and planes and their families as well as those amazing and wonderful people who went in to those scenes to help – the police departments, the fire departments, medical staff, and of course our military.

Thank You

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Monochrome(ish) Monday after the partying

Let me first say thank you so very much to all of you from near and far who wished me a happy birthday. Thank you for making me feel extra special.  So what all did I do? Or should I say what all am I going to tell you I did.  Life is precious and too often tenuous so I went out there and did a lot of what I wanted to do and in some instances I’m still paying for it.  My stomach is cross with me for all that I threw in it but I will say buffalo bone in rib eye is DELISH!!

I had fun with the folks at my favorite camera store and rented two lens (one that they let me rent which wasn’t publicly available yet to rent – thanks guys!) which I had fun test driving.  I proudly wore my It’s My Birthday button which was featured in my last post all over town.  I did selfies with a good friend of mine.  We went to a karaoke bar (and no you will never EVER see those photos) and I sang, did the Time Warp dance with a group of ladies all there for a bachelorette party and told DH there was no way in the world I was going to get on that mechanical bull in these heels!

There was aspirin the next day after one nights celebration, there’s a funny story to go with the picture of me in the corvette which I might tell you one day, they sang the birthday song to me at the Cheesecake Factory (lemon meringue cheesecake is just too too deadly), mosquitoes found me very tasty when I foolishly went exploring around an abandoned house with tall grass from all of the rain we’ve gotten while wearing shorts, and no photographers were hurt while capturing some images of an old barn after hopping out of the car and bounding off towards it’s surrounding wire fence after walking alongside and crossing two rail road tracks.  I almost felt like that one scene from the movie Stand by Me – minus the drama of course.

This week will be about getting back into healthier habits and drinking lots and lots of water and catching up on blogs and blogging  😉

Say Cheesecake Selfie with Linz Yellow Vette



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Taking a break…

A lot has been going on around these here parts and I am in sore need of a break and besides this weekend…..

It's My Birthday! Button Pinback Buttons

No idea what’s going to happen other than a romantic dinner where I will actually wear heels and DH has suggested going out for karaoke.  Wait! What! Are you serious man?  So I will see you all next week 🙂

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Taking another break…

Well, I’m not as bad as I was health wise but still not close enough to being my formerly healthy self 😦  And to top things off this weekend is our anniversary.  I wish I felt better but the celebration may be relegated to laying low and just enjoying each other without DH having to run off to NYC for work.  He is taking time off (WOOT) so we shall see what we can do.  Plans had been made but they may have to be modified but not cancelled as I am determined to celebrate some kind of way.  Oh well…we can always party hearty later when I am well again.  See you all sometime next week.

Happy Anniversary, sweetie, and here’s to many more years of the wild, wacky, weird and wonderful life we share.  Six down – many lots to go ♥


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Celebration time come on!

I’m taking some time off to celebrate a special day that is coming up this weekend – my birthday.  Go me! Go me! Go me!  While a part of me is stunned that my odometer is turning over to “certain” number, I am very thankful that I have been blessed with the mileage I have – many have not been so blessed.  Haven’t the slightest idea what I will be doing but I have a few ideas up my sleeve and DH has told me of some plans.  Whatever we do and wherever we go I hope the rains hold off; it’s no fun to have a rainy birthday.  But rain or shine I intend on rejoicing for another year in this world and hopefully many more, doing some partying, dressing up, maybe even letting DH take some pictures with the camera (gasp), and enjoying myself thoroughly.

See you when I return and thank you for being part of this online world 🙂

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