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May 2011

It was when we went to England to visit London and family in Devon.  It was my first time flying overnight on an airplane and it was my first time having a dslr camera – a Canon T2i.  I was … Continue reading

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Two Icons one View

Still rummaging through old files and moving them to the new drive; I poked around in England again and found this shot.  Now were we on the top of the tour bus or on a bridge I don’t recall but … Continue reading

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Monochrome Monday – UK Edition

While flipping through the files of what to keep and transfer to the new drive and what to just let go, I found the images from our trip to England.  That was back in 2011; that seems so long ago … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday with the Doctor

If you don’t know by now I shall let you know that I am such a sci-fi nerdy girl and a major Whovian!  Since this post from 2011 I have met (and have the photos to prove it) Captain Jack … Continue reading

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Saint Paul’s Cathedral London

When we return to the U.K. I would very much like to spend more time here than when this photo was taken from atop a tour bus.  Construction started in 1675 and it was opened in 1708.  The famous dome … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – The Chronicles of Cheese

For throwback Thursday I take you back to a post I did in September of 2011.  It was my first trip across the pond to visit England and some of DH’s kin.  It was a fantastic trip and I do … Continue reading

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Back in the U.K. – Perry and the Policeman

This was taken right after the parade of the guards.  I saw an opportunity to take a totally unique photo and I went for it.  I kindly explained to the young officer what I was doing and he agreed to … Continue reading

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Back in the U.K. – The Guard on Parade

At first I wasn’t going to go line up in order to see the changing of the guard and truth be told, I didn’t.  As it turned out we were wandering around the area, got caught up in a protest … Continue reading

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Back in the U.K. – Some clown

Going to or coming from a party or just getting ready to do his street act, who knew?  After we arrived and dropped our stuff off at the hotel we took off – or should I say I dragged DH … Continue reading

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When I got to meet Doctor Who and Doctor Donna

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor. He explores the universe in his ‘TARDIS‘, a sentient, telepathic … Continue reading

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