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Street portraits and street photography – The homeless

In my previous post I mentioned not wanting to photograph people who are at a low point and being careful with photographing the homeless.  Here are some examples where I endeavored to show that even though they were out on … Continue reading

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Boston Public Garden People Watching

Photos were taken August 2013 around the pond in the public garden where the swans, swan boats, ducks, and tourists abound 🙂

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Sunday Humor – What’s a Smoot?

When we were visiting DH’s old haunts in Boston one of the things he wanted to show me had to do with those wild and crazy kids from MIT (of which he is one – explains a few things I’d … Continue reading

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Copley Square – Then and Now

Seriously! Give it a rest why don’t you winter!!!  Enough! Cold, snow, wind chills, more snow and then more snow on top of that!  I’m thankful that while it’s been awfully cold here in Ohio we have not had to … Continue reading

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When the street lights come on the skater boys come out

And I’m sure they drive a lot of folks nuts with their antics.  It was dusk when we were walking past the Boston Public Library across the street from Copley Place in Boston.  Seeing these fellows all in a huddle … Continue reading

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Optical Illusion?

Not sure what line this was on the MBTA but while waiting for the train these shiny objects caught my eye.  And as I’ve said before – if it looks interesting, shoot it!  I decided to convert to B&W because … Continue reading

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The Rooster and The Horse – Boston Common Carousel

August of 2013 in Boston; revisiting the wonderful carousel there in the park (original color version here)  This one isn’t totally in black and white as you can just see some traces of the desaturated color in the image around … Continue reading

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