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It’s the holiday weekend!

This weekend here in the states is Labor Day weekend; first recognized in 1894 and every first Monday in September since.  It is a federal holiday which means a lot of us get the day off with pay; a three … Continue reading

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What the boffins at MIT were up to!

Ok, this would’ve been one awesomely cool workshop!  Photo taken inside of Toscanni’s Ice Cream in Cambridge, Mass.  Really good ice cream; no photos of it as I was a bit – ahem – busy enjoying it and listening to … Continue reading

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Travel Week: Long Wharf – Boston, Mass.

We hoofed it all the way down here from our hotel in the Copley Square area and unless you know where any of that is you will have no idea how much of a walk that was.  Trust me! It … Continue reading

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The theme for this (and probably next) week is…

Travel and where were we!  Just got back and I’m a bit groggy and sooooo sore from all of the walking we did.  We did miles and miles each day and from our knees on down we are still sore … Continue reading

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