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The Cap City Diner and Bar (three locations in Central Ohio) is not your typical diner as in old, a bit grubby, full of chrome and located in a slightly “unique” building.  I would call this more upscale than traditional but they do serve some classic diner fares.  Breakfast items are only served for brunch on Saturday and Sunday and there are daily blue plate specials such as liver and onions and chicken pot pie.  On the day we went the special was meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy – it was a popular order.

The food there is good but I’ve been spoiled by DH who has taken me to a lot of the classic old diners in New Jersey.  If the coffee is served in those thick stoneware mugs, they serve corned beef hash and the pies are close to 6 inches high then it’s my kind of diner.



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Fishing for Father’s Day

On our road trip we came across the Hoover Mudflats boardwalk in Galena, Ohio where we stopped to explore.  It apparently is a popular fishing spot as we saw several people coming and going laden with chairs, rods and bait.  While there were others there fishing, this little guy – who was torn between just playing with the hook-less rubbery lures or picking up every pole that was set out – caught my attention.

His father, the gentleman in the chair, was there to introduce the little two year old and his older brother to the joys of fishing along with their uncle.  I stopped and spoke with him about the usual things like what can you catch in here, what bait are you using, etc.  This fishing foray was part of his Father’s Day present; a steak dinner was going to be the other part on Father’s Day.  I told him how I still had fond memories of my father taking me fishing and how I enjoyed it until I became a teenager and wanted no part of it even though one of my chores was to clean and cut up any fish caught and brought home.  I became quite skilled at getting that chore over and done with as quickly as possible!

We traded fishing tales laughing about how messy scaling and gutting fish can get and compared notes on how to filet a fish.  He told me that on YouTube there is a tutorial on how to filet a fish in 30 seconds.  Who knew!  His older son caught a sunfish while I was still there and I got to see a skill being passed down, how to grip and unhook a fish.  He was a bit nervous about doing it but with his uncles help managed to do the catch and release.  I gave him a high five for it.

This brought back memories of being a little girl and staring at that floating red and white fishing bobber waiting for it to wiggle while my father sat in the shade watching me at the lake in the park.  I was so proud when I caught a fish and showed it to him even if that fish was all of 4 inches long.  Back then he had to unhook the fish, I hadn’t quite developed that skill yet.  I have a lot of memories of my father; most very good and a few not so good as in getting busted for coming in late from a dance and of course when he became ill and I had to assume the parental role.  But at this moment the memories of my father were all wonderful and it was beautiful to see another father and child making their memories.

Happy Father’s Day.  May it be a good one for and to you.


This is a Gar fish.  Most fishermen do not like them as their presence scares off the fish they want to catch.  They have a mouth full of very sharp teeth and unlike the sturgeon they resemble, their eggs are toxic to humans.  Nasty buggers!

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End of year bits and pieces – Wine Time

My naivete about wines goes back many years but I will say I have gotten better.  When I was living in Missouri I only knew about certain wines based upon what a server at a restaurant would recommend (sometimes that being the expensive stuff not the good stuff) and when I would visit state wineries and sample their wares.  One winery that will always remain dear to my heart is the St. James Winery in St. James, Missouri.  Why? Because the last years of my fathers life were spent at the veterans home in St. James, Missouri… just on the other side of the highway.

Every time I would go visit him (an almost two hour drive from where I was living) I would drive right past the winery so of course I just had to stop and taste and bring home a bottle or two or three.  They made some great grape juice which the then kids would inhale; I had to take to hiding bottles from them to make it last until the next visit to Grandpa.  I started out enjoying their sweet reds and then moved slowly up to the semi-sweets and then dry.

Wine shock happened when I moved to Ohio and discovered that not only did they not carry my then favorite wines but that because of certain laws I couldn’t even order it.  Woe was me.  I have since learned so much more about wine and have developed new tastes but whenever we would drive to Missouri I would stop and pick up a few bottles of my old faves and bring them home.  Since we fly more than drive that has pretty much come to an end.  I love to visit the wine section at the local stores when I am home for a visit and smile at the St. James bottles.  Shopkeepers probably think my cork is a bit loose but I don’t care.  I’ve experienced wine shock in reverse now; some of what I enjoy in Ohio I cannot find in Missouri.  How interesting.

On this most recent visit home I saw this display and was sorely tempted to try it but I didn’t have anyone to share it with (not to mention I don’t really like sweet wine anymore) so I just smiled remembering my visits to my father and walked away.  Lately, I’ve found that one or two of the wines from St. James are available locally but they are the too sweet for me varieties but whenever I pass them on the shelves as I go scouting for my favorite Cabernet, I pause and say hello.



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Old Town Emporium

When I was a little girl and my family would head west in our Ford Fairlane, places like this were called trading posts; I had never even heard of the word emporium.  So fancy schmancy sounding.  But this store in Old Town Albuquerque took me back to those days of traveling on Route 66.  So many things to look at and buy.  Blankets for $9.95, mugs and magnets, shirts and ornaments and something I haven’t seen since I begged my parents to buy them when I was seven years old – Mexican jumping beans.  Wow!

And Happy Veterans Day to you!  Much appreciated…

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Goodnight Sweet Prince

How many of you remember these things, 45’s?  And how many of you remember these wooden crates sold by a long defunct record store that many of us used to house our vinyl music collections?  I had a larger crate that held my LP’s but with the passing of time the LP’s went into storage bins and the crates were cast out all except this one.  The world went from vinyl to CD’s to MP3’s to having the songs and artists of our time on our phones.  But I never got rid of my vinyl which has been making somewhat of a resurgence lately.

This all leads me into the subject of this post, the passing of a musical icon – Prince.  He may not have been for everyone but he was so much to so many of us.  When I heard of his passing I thought and hoped against hope that it was a hoax and that the world would still be gifted with his music and concerts but those hopes were to no avail – he was gone.  My mind took me on a sudden flashback where I recalled things that I hadn’t thought about in years.

A rapid rewind took me back in time to when he first came out and there he was in a music magazine (no idea what magazine) that I was looking at in the grocery store while waiting for my mother to pay for the groceries.  There he was with his larger than life persona in not much more than a purple Speedo like bottom writhing on a duvet.  I thought “Who the heck is this skinny little guy!” Little did I know then what that guy would become and damned if I wish I had bought that magazine then.  He blew up once the album and movie Purple Rain came out and everyone knew then that his name was Prince and he was funky!  This was during the heyday of MTV videos and be honest now, how many of you tried to do that little dance move at the end of the Purple Rain video? I know I tried!

I was a fan through his musical, fashion and name changes.  The man morphed continually but was always turning out music that had everyone in the club hitting the floor and dancing.  I am thankful that I got to see him in concert once and that was a show.  He gave you, who you were with and everyone else in your section their money’s worth.  And I marveled at how petite he was and could dance and twirl all over the stage while playing a guitar and wearing high heels.  I was so jealous of his ability to do all those moves while in heels.  But as the saying goes, good things come in small packages.

The man was a character and had character.  He was also fiercely private which is refreshing in these times where everything short of seeing the internal organs of some celebrities is constantly bombarding us in the media along with their hedonistic and destructive antics.  But whenever he did show up in the media it was a great moment.  Plus, he appeared on the Muppet Show!  Who cannot love an artist who appears with the Muppets.  I got a twofer with that show as I had been a Muppet fan since they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and a long time Prince fan as well – win win!  A friend of mine was most fortunate to have been at his last concert in Atlanta.  Little did we both know that it was his last concert.

It is heart warming to see so many across the globe honoring him with wearing and turning things purple.  I’ve been sporting my purple sneakers and I even saw a woman at the mall the other day wearing a – wait for it – raspberry beret.  Perhaps another one of the reasons I am mourning his loss so is because his music was a sign of my times, the soundtrack to my life and because we were so close in age.  When someone of your own generation passes it pings that mortality nerve we all have.

I won’t insert a video or audio clip of his music in this post as we’ve all heard it on the news and radio enough (even I’m getting tired of hearing the first few bars of Purple Rain being played constantly – he did more songs than that people!) but as I put my earbuds back in and listen privately to my favorites of his – Baby I’m a Star is on repeat – I will say this in closing; we mourn your passing but your music remains to celebrate your life.

And flights of angles sing thee to thy rest – William Shakespeare



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Happy Valentines Day

This is a “holiday” that you either love or hate.  Men dread it (sometimes) because they have to go out with droves of other men to find something to get their sweetie less their names be mud!  The chocolate, jewelry and flower businesses love this day.  But then there are others who think it nothing more than just a commercialized day and that you should love one another ever day.

And then there are those who are single and hate the day; other singles are sad because they are divorced, widowed or their loved one is in harms way in the military.  Some little kids are very shy and don’t like exchanging the little cards (if their school even allows it) or they are the not so popular kid and they don’t get many cards although now I think the policy is you bring in cards you bring in one for everyone!

Being allergic to chocolate (yes! you may gasp now) all my life what I looked forward to was those candy hearts with the silly sayings on them or a red heart shaped lollipop.  Those two candies hold wonderful memories for me because as a child mom would get a box of chocolates and daddy would get me one of those candies.  DH, when we were still ‘courting’, gave me the biggest bragging rights that night in my college psychology class by having one tired delivery man deliver four dozen red roses  🙂

Since then it’s been flowers (though not as many), dinner out, and jewelry.  But this year?  This year I told him let’s stay in and make dinner together and just cuddle happily on the sofa while we watch The Walking Dead.  Maybe I might even be able to get him to put up some curtain rods for me too!  What? That’s not your idea of a romantic evening?  🙂


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I found part of my childhood…

While packing to move.  Right now I have no idea what box they are currently in (sigh) but I know they made it here to the new homestead.  I don’t recall when I purchased the X-Men comic book but from the looks of that price it was – ahem – some time ago.  But I do remember when and where I purchased Marvila.

My parents and I often traveled to California when my brother was stationed at Edwards AFB.  We made plenty of stops in Arizona as this was the time when road trips where the only way to go unless you were the “elite” and could fly.  It was on one of those trips that we made for the border and went into Nogales, Mexico.  No idea what mom was looking for but I spent my time reading comic books while mom shopped and dad carried the bags.



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