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Now where were we?

Surely someone can try to take a guess on where we were.  So unless you follow me on Instagram @imagesbytd  (so no spoiling it for others) here is another clue.  We stayed in a small town that had this one … Continue reading

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Colorific or Monochromatic

Photography has come a long way since the first tintype photos were made.  Images have progressed from black and white to sepia to color and in some cases to colors that really don’t exist in nature.  We’ve all seen that … Continue reading

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You just never know who or what you may see when in New York and this was something I never would’ve imagine coming upon  In the sea of locals and tourists going about their daily commute or pausing to take … Continue reading

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Sheep next 4 miles

That is what the cautionary road sign stated on the road to the Aberdeenshire castle trail.  And it was absolutely correct. These were behind a fence; many of their kin were not. Teri 📷  

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And cygnet makes three

Did you know that male swans are called cobs, females pens and their little ones cygnets? They were rather messy eaters as you can see by the long strands of water lily bits they were pulling out from the water … Continue reading

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What did you do this past weekend?

Among other things I was in the cockpit of a huge C-17 Globemaster III.  More coming as soon as I sort through “some” images. Teri  📷    

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A trip back in time…

Wait till you see where I’ve been! Teri  📷

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