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Dam Heron

What a difference one little letter makes 😉


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A remnant from it’s mining past at the Superstition Mountain Museum.


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Monday Monday

The hustle and bustle of the holidays (not to mention them being on weekends which adds an extra bit of disorientation to the what day is it today question) has come and gone and now it’s time to get back to things that must be done.  As DH is still off work for awhile we are going to do the usual take down the decorations along with trying to catch up on other projects around the house and elsewhere.

This means I will be away from the computer other than trying to get a new portfolio site up and maybe the occasional popping in to see what’s new with you – if I can.  Usually this is monochrome Monday for some blogs; I am running this old photo I took in the NYC library in 2015 for today.  It’s a bit of how I feel looking down the steps into the basement where I have to lug the decorations and other things that are going back into their storage boxes.  Putting up and decorating seems to go so much quicker than the reverse.

Cya in a week or so.


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Where is this leading to?

We shall see……


House8941-Editbw copy

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Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Her name is Rugelda and we shall see her beauty in color tomorrow.

Rugelda9495-EditSEP copy

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Unopened water lilies – A Study in Light and Shadows

There were plenty of ponds with lilies in them at the gardens; different colors and at different stages of their life cycles.

NewLilies9836-Editbw copy

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Citizens of #Cbus – Lunch break is over

Today I’m starting something new with street photography.  I will be calling it Citizens of Cbus – Cbus being what we affectionately call Columbus, Ohio here.  While the ultimate idea would be to be along the lines of the famous Humans of New York, I’m not quite up to asking people to tell me something about themselves so for now it will just be their photos and my adding a bit about what was going on at the moment.

Street photography can be a bit challenging but it can also be a bit of an anthropological study into people.  This photo was taken inside of the Double Comfort restaurant (I shot this through the window when I wasn’t enjoying my chicken and waffles – yum) across from the convention center where they are doing some major remodeling.  I felt that the remains of the prior customers lunch in front of the workmen made for an interesting composition hence this post title.

Here are a couple of tips about street photography here and here.

Lunch8216-Edit copy


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