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Lunar Eclipse

We interrupt the previous post for this breaking news image. Was that dramatic enough? Anyway, this morning was the longest lunar eclipse this century. Actually, according to moon.nasa.gov… A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align so … Continue reading

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Harvest almost full moon

I took this photo the night before the moon was to be full. It rained on the full moon night and is due to rain (or at the least be very cloudy) for the next few nights. So it’s an … Continue reading

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Waning Moon – Blue Sky

While out on an early morning hike in search of wood ducks, I paused to look up to find where the loud chirping was coming from (not a wood duck by the way) and saw this… It was a beautiful … Continue reading

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Photography in pandemic times

Let me first say that by no means am I making light of the current situation nor am I going to give opinions on how things are being handled or how to handle things other than please try not to … Continue reading

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It was a cold and wintry night for a super wolf blood moon

And by cold I mean below zero cold…around 10 below I believe.  We had an ice and snow storm the night before which led me to wonder if the moon would even be visible but the storm moved eastward and … Continue reading

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La Luna

Human beings have long stared into the sky to look at the full moon and when everything works in harmony (like weather conditions) it is a beautiful sight to behold and to photograph.  But how do you get a good image … Continue reading

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