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Find the Moose

As you can see from this shot, Main Street in Bar Harbor ends at the harbor where you can walk in the park that is directly across from the shops here or take a boat ride out to some of the other islands from the harbor.  It was still very early when this photo was taken otherwise it would’ve been crammed with workers and tourists.  It was very peaceful that morning.


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Moose no squirrel…

If you are from a certain generation (or just like watching classics) you will get an idea what today’s title might refer to 😉  This is from my not sleeping sit on floor with camera scoot around the tree night.  His name is Chockie, short for Chocolate Moose.  He was a present I gave DH when we were courting for some reason; why escapes me for the moment.  Chockie has a baby brother, Chris Moose, who I may feature later.

Chocolate Moose

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